Kariera Nikodema Dyzmy by Tadeusz Dołęga-Mostowicz Kariera Nikodema Dyzmy by Tadeusz Dołęga-Mostowicz

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Soon Dyzma takes control of all affairs of the estate and starts to climb the social and political ladder. Whatever happens to him during his climb of the social ladder falls outside of his mental, financial and legal competence.

He got abducted by a group of soldiers in civilian clothes, beaten up, and dumped outside Warsaw. At the estate, Dyzma meets Kunicki's wife, Nina, who quickly falls in love with him, but earns the distaste of Kunicki's daughter, Kasia, a lesbian who had been carrying on an affair with Nina.

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Hoping for a free meal, he decides to use it since he owns a tuxedo. While walking the streets of Warsawhe finds a lost invitation to a party reception.

He is introduced to a wealthy landowner by the name of Kunicki, a former con artist, who is so impressed by Dyzma that he offers him a job as superintendent of his country estate.

His lack of knowledge about things that are expected of him are taken either as his humour or eccentricities, or by his underlings as attempts to test them.

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Ignorant and malleable, Dyzma turns into a puppet in the hands of the elite class. Plot[ edit ] Nicodemus Dyzma is a small-town man who comes to the Polish capital from the Eastern provinces known as " Kresy " in search of work. In his opinion, there were three major differences between their characters: Ultimately he marries Nina and decides to refuse a commendation to become Prime Minister for fear that his pretend past would be revealed.

He is offered a series of prestigious appointments; however, he is also forced to hide his past from the prying eyes of his adversaries and the general public.

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At the reception, he befriends a Member of Parliament and wins the hearts of guests with his attitude. Dyzma's rise in status is not good for his morals, as eventually he commissions the murder of his former boss from the provinces who might have revealed the truth of Dyzma's background.

Legacy[ edit ] Nicodemus Dyzma has become proverbial in Poland as an archetype of the crude opportunist who makes his upwardly-mobile way by dint of fortuitous connections, ruthlessness and the acquiescence of an oblivious society.

He is forced by the spirit of his times and the society around him to become something they need him to become. He wrote the novel as a critique of the political class then in power.