John Mayer Spotted Kissing 15 Years Younger Miley Cyrus — Gross! – Hollywood Life John Mayer Spotted Kissing 15 Years Younger Miley Cyrus — Gross! – Hollywood Life

John mayer dating miley cyrus, miley cyrus e-slaps katy perry right where it hurts: john mayer

The question really is can he make her a one man woman. That has john mayer dating miley cyrus serious ewww factor to it.

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There are no consequences to bad behavior. They fill dirty after typing this. The newly found love couple, Miley Cyrus and John Mayer who are rumored to be dating after their lovey dovey exposure at the Grammys took everyone by surprise. She grabbed him by the waist and even spanked his behind telling him he rocks!

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Disgusting as it sounds, the year-old singer seems to be quite happy! This charming handsome actor and singerwho dated Jennifer Aniston and Taylor Swift in the past is now making love gestures to young lady, Miley Cyrus.

They say the two were all over each other. Their kiss backstage was short and intimate and all eyes were on them as they were lost into each others sight! Miley has a lot of hopes that she can change womanizer, John Mayer into a one time woman's man, well lets see if that really happens!

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According to some sources they were all over each other. It looks like the former Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus is well on her way to head-shaving, curb-side crying jags, paparazzi-dating Britney Spears-ville.

Now I have to go watch my finger tips.

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Seriously folks, this is what happens when you get everything you want whenever you want it for as long as you can remember. According to reports it is said that at the Grammy Awards, Miley Cyrus and John Mayer were backstage and things got intimate with them.

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The year-old actor John Mayer, who has said to have broken many hearts in the past has made Miley Cyrus weak in the knees. No wonder Billy Ray Cyrus has an achy-breaky heart over his lack of parenting skills.

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And Billy Ray is pouring his heart out about it to GQ trying to figure out what went wrong. At this point he seems to have determined that he should have never let his daughter do Hannah Montana and maybe he should have been a parent to his little girl.

Miley Cyrus Photos The hard cold truth of the matter is that rumors of a Miley Cyrus, John Mayer hook-up over Grammy Awards weekend is all the proof you need that something has gone terribly wrong for the year-old pop-star.

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It all started when the two of them were caught making out at the Grammy Awards recently and this has caused a lot of speculation that the two of them might be in a secret romance.