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As the two gradually fall in love, Hye-shin's ex-husband returns asking for another chance.

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In the latter part of the series, she was a moderator with her parents, as she tries to get them together again. She gets poor grades, isn't very pretty, is short, and isn't particularly good at anything. The hit and run driver is arrested and jailed. She becomes the love interest of In-sung, Joon-ho's secretary.

She is a vegetarian and passionate environmental activist. Jung-ae swears that she spared nothing in raising Soon-shin, but does not know what went wrong. It is okay to be happy with just the way you are. She intends to set up her own agency, and wants Joon-ho to release Mi-ryung for her to manage.

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When Soon-shin became an actress, she became her personal assistant called "coordi" in Korean, short for coordinator. He is a faithful son to his parents, and a caring brother to his younger sister.

He had been Yoo-shin's pal since they were young, but started seeing her as a woman when they entered college. But this time Jung-ae does not support Soon-shin taking the offer after finding out that her late husband may have had an affair with another woman, who then gave birth to Soon-shin.

He fears that Joon-ho will fall for some actress and bring her home as his wife, so he acts as a matchmaker, and keeps setting him up on blind dates, which his son purposely sabotages.

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However, instead of real acting lessons, she was tasked to do household chores, with Mi-ryung saying that it was a part of the acting lessons. After a change of heart, Mi-ryung tells Shin Dong-hyuk, Joon-ho's father, to take his car's black box to the police since it recorded what happened the night of the accident.

She has resented Soon-shin ever since. At first she did not mind, happy that the "disgust" was now gone. They meet up coincidentally sometimes, causing his wife, Soo-jung to become jealous. After Mi-ryung watches Soon-shin's new stage play, she makes a tentative gesture of reconciliation by thanking her and calling her "Mom" for the first time.

Joon-ho later recovered, setting up a management agency.

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Upset at Soon-shin's coldness, Mi-ryung tells Soon-shin that Chang-hoon isn't her birth father, so she has no reason to go back to her adoptive family.

Shortly after this, her father, Chang-hoon Jung Dong-hwan dies in a car accident. However, she is aware that Soon-shin takes after her.

She was always the most popular girl in school. He is planning on proposing to her.

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Eventually Mi-ryung tells the press the truth in order to take responsibility and retires from acting. He also gives advice to Mi-ryung, much to her disgust, on what she should do in certain situations like admitting she had a child. Her fund manager husband looked down on her poor family, even though her parents had spent their entire retirement fund to give her a dream wedding.

Although Joon-ho has built his company into a respected and prestigious agency, Dong-hyuk thinks Joon-ho is staining the family name. Her self-worth was defined when, at age nine, she and Soon-shin played with matches and set fire to the kitchen.

And he was once again a scene stealer in his third onscreen role as earnest soldier Eun Shi-kyung in the network drama The King 2 Hearts.

However, she is an unbelievable cook thanks to the cooking lessons Young-hoon gave her. In the present day, he works as a baker at a bakery near the residence of the Lee sisters. Her mother ran into the fire and saved Soon-shin first, leaving Yoo-shin traumatized for life.

Joon-ho is suave, exacting, and serious, though he is sometimes awkward.

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Despite their constant squabbles, Chan-woo, now a dermatologist, still loves her confidence and prickly demeanor. She has no goal in life and no talent. In reality, she is still deciding what she wants to do with her life. She was affected deeply when her son died in an accident.

She made her TV debut in her late twenties, after playing bit parts on stage for a long time. Jung-ae does not have much, but she has raised her three daughters as best as she can. The assertive, second daughter is a marketing executive for an outdoor sportswear brand. Although much older, and not as hot as before, she can still command quite a presence as a diva.

He hires Soon-shin as a waitress, after learning that she was conned by a swindler. Kim Yoon-seo - Choi Yeon-ah A rising young actress, Yeon-ah broke Joon-ho's heart years ago, and currently has a mentor relationship with Mi-ryung.

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But would be his breakout year, starring in two high-profile projects. She later meets Seo Jin-wook Jung Wooa neighborhood baker, who shows her consideration and gentleness and helps heal her wounds. She always has a say in every family decision.

As the drama closes, Mi-ryung is living a peaceful life in a remote area. Jung-ae narrates these last few minutes and says goodbye to her late husband.