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Do or do not. Just something I've been trying to figure out. There is no try. Well, who is 'you'? They don't love the dreamy shy girl who made it all up.


This may sound silly, but if we figure out who the writers are refering too, figuring the song's details will be easier.

Quotes will be submitted for approval by the RT staff. He is just Caroline's idea of what a loving man should be like.

Have you got the receipt? I bought you a pink shirt for your birthday. She has become this beautiful, 'easy' girl and she has also become that beautiful girl's many lovers.

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As we heard, Mrs Davies' four-year old grandson refused to take his antibiotic medicine. How expensive was that? Hmm - Simplificar ecuaciones algebraicas online dating better take it back!

If somebody doesn't believe in me, I can't believe in them.

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Andie, you're a bitch! Imogen says her love of pink isn't really 'an obsession' - she's not so passionate about it that she doesn't have time for any other interests.

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I had to use the powder room, so I figured that I'd come in the back. Ladies, ladies uh listen I may be able to work out a deal where either one, or the both of you could be pregnant by the holidays. May I admire you again today? But a child's firm belief that pink is only for girls can also lead to more serious problems.

Is 'you', Caroline's boyfriend?

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So, pink has quite a dramatic effect on her, doesn't it? I just want them to know that they didn't break me. No, he believes that anything pink is for girls, even medicine - so that can be difficult for parents and perhaps dangerous in some cases.

You said you couldn't be with someone who didn't believe in you. Is the listener 'you'? Or is the narrator? Please make your quotes accurate. You wouldn't catch me wearing pink!

My daughter has convinced us to buy a pink doll's house. I just didn't believe in me. She realizes that these imaginary lovers of her can't really touch her or make love to her.


Also, since this wasn't added to the original lyrics, here's the last albeit slightly muttered part of the song at the end: I'm not nine, Andie, I know that. She is 'gone' because she has become someone else. Well I believed in you.

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Don't waste that lip gloss!. When he says sweet things to Caroline, it's really just Caroline in her dress saying kind things to herself. So everything would be pink at her wedding, everyone would be dressed in pink, including the men and boys… Rob: Again, not saying my interpretation is right at all, but it was just a fun way of looking at it: They can't touch her because they aren't real.

The 'joke's the same' line means that this is the same person. Andie, you're a bitch. The last line is saying that the imaginary lives have collided with each other and have been destroyed in the process.

I'm off like a dirty shirt. Yes, buying all those pink goods could be very costly for us parents. It definitely does, Rob. Anyway, we might be thinking that a preference for pink is only a problem for parents' bank accounts.

Imogen It's not really an obsession, it's when you like, look at it, you feel like, quite dizzy and you go on day dreaming. It's like you're in heaven!

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I'm sure there are bathrooms all over the place. What are you doing? She spoke to the BBC Breakfast team about her love of pink. But looking at pink has a physical effect on her. I guess as we're talking about pink, I'd say pink.

Pretty In Pink

He doesn't remember Caroline's name because the imaginary lover loves the girl Caroline dreams she was. And as she does, has happy fantasies about different lovers.

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It's after seven o-clock. What do you say? But the real Caroline could never do that because she has moral objections. Well, she imagines things and situations and can't concentrate or focus on what's actually happening around her.

Caroline has made them more attractive, and with more romanticized lives than her own. Pretty in Pink Quotes Andie Walsh:

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