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The women share different stories demonstrating the difficulties they face when trying to date. Here, Jenny tells Caitlyn that she seems much more at ease than she did when they first met about two months ago.

At lunch, Candis talks about how nervous she is about her upcoming auditions she has for a role in a movie with Katie Holmes. Cait voice-overs that she has no idea what the future holds in terms of dating, but she's not going to eliminate anything as a possibility.

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If we could see inside Johnie's brain at this moment, there would be a ticker tape going with just "ohmygodohmygodohmygodhelp. Caitlyn, you have a standing invitation to join me on my show one day. We all screw up at first on this journey.

Wade Carpenter, the latest victim of Hands Close-Up Shots, tells Candis that she should have access to doctors who know how to take care of her, and says that because there's a dearth of doctors like that, trans people drive really far away get health care in places like L.

On the last episode, Caitlyn began to feel included in the LGBT community after attending a New York City Pride event; at the same time, she struggled to reconnect with her male friends; and received advice from Scott Disick.

Cait says it's going to be okay, in the least convincing tone ever. Candis breaks the fourth wall and says that maybe she should just date Cait, since everyone thinks they're dating anyway, which is always a solid basis for a relationship.

The episode begins with Caitlyn sitting down with her assistant Courtney and her boyfriend Johnie.

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In a magnificent scientific feat, Cait time-travels back to herself in Episode 3 and is all, "Really? They also express that as trans-women they are often taken advantage of, since often men believe that trans-women have lower standards.

I have no show yet, nor any clue what form it would take, but I am dreaming just a little bigger now because of how you challenged us to be our bests.

They discuss how acting is difficult apparently Cait did some actual acting? I learned over time, and Jenner will too.

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Perhaps the hardest part to learn — or relearn — once the adrenaline rush of transition takes over our spirits and fire is that trans is just one pic messages for single girls of identity, and gender likewise the one thing it changes.

They drive off in the car, and I was hoping that they'd pass Johnie, abandoned on the side of the road by Courtney, but no.

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Although sadly there have been such cases. The notion we must firmly debunk is that fortune alone has made her transition easy. Johnie's ass is about to get dumped, right?

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So Cait was told it was ok to be whoever she liked. Did you know that there have been cases where doctors have used the fact Transwomen are transwomen to fondle them?

Candis and Chandi go to get pedicures with Cait, because they're getting their own show, I hope, and discuss dating while trans and how it sucks because everyone is the worst.

As one example, I adored the first out trans woman I ever met as an undergrad at Boston University. However, Caitlyn makes it clear that she is just there as support for Candis, but eventually decides she will fill out a chemistry analysis for fun.

Cait is upset when Louis says she evaluated things "with a masculine thought process," but then he takes it back, kind of.

Candis thinks that Cait is probably attracted to women, seeing as she's been married three times, but also points out that gender and sexuality are two different things. At the camp, Caitlyn and Candis listen as many of the young campers open up about their struggles growing up as a transgender.

Later in the episode, Candis tells her friend Chandi that she has pretty much given up on dating. The surprise is a Lamborghini, which Cait obtained by calling some people she knows in the automotive industry.

Cait, seemingly unmolested by the paparazzi, although I'm not sure how, goes to lunch in a public place with Candis.

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Rather than write her off over jealousy, there is a better way for any activist to guide this narrative: She helps prove to the world that it is never too early, nor too late, nor too complicated to embrace your gender identity or reinvent yourself in any other way imaginable.

It looks like a horrible scene, what with all the sweating and gyrating and dudes who are apparently packing as diagnosed by Cait. And avoid the obvious solution? Many of them have been stood up on numerous occasions once they revealed that they are trans.

I will never get to be on her show.

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I had zero concept of the rudeness or hurt that comes from outing someone. When she left for the bathroom, I revealed her status to the others, simply because I could not contain how cool I felt it was.

Atop the mountain again, Cait has a surprise for Candis, whose car is still apparently at the mechanic. Courtney asks Johnie what he'd do if he was dating someone and was super-into them and then he "found out" that they were trans.

Did you watch the last episode?

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This is apparently not a drill. And not the dudes who dance at the Abbey, who have been outed as "packing" by Cait. There, Cait heard for herself how hard it is to start dating again.

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Trust the viewing public to rely upon her, or other trans individuals like me? It is clear that listening to the young campers being open about their feelings and identities is inspiring to both Caitlyn and Candis.

These groups have been known to be a little more accepting of their gender history. Plenty outright despise her, noting that she can afford fancy clothing and feminizing surgery that are inaccessible to many of us. At the end of the episode, Caitlyn and Candis visit a summer camp that is for transgender kids.

So one lovely took Cait aside and said listen its ok to be sexually attracted to women. Jenny is having none of this and tells her that you don't need a man to make you a woman, and that women often look to men for self-worth and that is some bullshit.

They also express appreciation for the camp and being able to feel confident and normal as a transgender there. Men often stop thinking about having a relationship once they hear the word trans and most times they only call afterwards for a quick hook-up.

In these cases, they can often convince these women that they are just doing normal procedures.

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But, luckily, Candis pointed out a few things to her. While the other trans-women playfully flirt and watch the male dancers, Caitlyn is visibly put-off by the club setting. Candis invites Cait out to an adventure in a nightclub. Soon after, Caitlyn sits down for lunch with her other trans-friend, Jenny Boylan.

Being rich, in fact, can also lock you in. Meanwhile, while you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about I Am Cait.

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I can respect why my peers might say good riddance, but part of me is devastated. An earlier version stated that she opposed same-sex marriage. Cait in an interview is all, whatever, cis hetero humans, you know nothing of dating challenges.

Instead, he says that what would change is "how I perceive you. As a woman of 31 who transitioned between the ages of 25 and 29, I look at year-old Jenner and wonder whether I could live my life thus far again and half beyond, unable to express my true self.

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Louis the Matchmaker confesses to never having worked with trans folks before, and then asks them to take a quiz about their process of selecting a long-term partner.

And later, after they visited a camp for transkids, they got back a little more of their shine.