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Hp color laserjet 2600n ghosting dating, troubleshooting

Karen Molloy Respond to this 0 Call it what you want, it's still refurbished.

HP Color LaserJet 2600n User Manual: Hp Customer Care

There are two big circuit boards in the back panel. Here is one surprising element from the optics package.

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One truly remarkable thing about this design is that you only need a single phillips head screwdriver to completely disassemble it.

All of the lenses are glued into place with clear are sheldon and penny dating. Nice of them to make it easy for us to figure out which way is which.

The lasers each point through a collimating lens, through a second line-generating lens, and then onto a fast rotating square mirror that moves the narrow edge of the line across the photosensitive drum in a toner cartridge.

Driver for HP Color LaserJet n

It sits on a dc brushless motor on a little circuit board. It looks like these gears also drive the electrostatic belt, still attached to the front door of the printer.

Each half has its own laser diode board as we have seen with two laser diodes.

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The primary color that hp color laserjet 2600n ghosting dating is the magenta, but there is also some cyan streaking. The optics package has two neat halves. The gear train shown above lives in the right side of the machine and drives the rollers of the toner cartridges.

On the left side of the front door here is a vertical lever that controls little plastic tabs that sequentially open the covers for the photosensitive drums of the four toner cartridges.

Driver for Printer HP Color LaserJet 2600n

Unless you want to hack it or play with the high voltage and kill yourself— now you know how to defeat the interlock. The other two lenses are for the beams coming from the laser diodes towards the rotating mirror.

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Officially, things like this are consumables, and the first priority of every part of this printer is to sell more printer parts. The Electrostatic Attraction Belt Unit uses static electricity generated by the high-voltage section to hold the paper in place and move it upwards across the four toner cartridges.

The manufacturer doesn't refurbish cartridges.

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The heating element for the fuser is actually a ceramic thick film resistive element. For thermal reasons, the circuit board is actually one with an aluminum substrate. When the belt accumulates too much toner, it will no longer hold the paper effectively and needs to be replaced.

The four glass lenses are a different story— I managed to crack two of them when trying to pry them loose. If you open the front drawer of the printer and pull out all the cartridges, you can see some thin black horizontal stripes.

There is also powdery magenta toner directly under the magenta toner cartridge.

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In several places there are even complex molded pieces that serve no purpose other than to guide and confine a wire bundle without the need for additional fasteners. Two of the glass collimating lenses left and the large mirrors right. If you look closely at the laser diode circuit boards, you can see where the laser diodes are attached— their pinouts are even labeled as to which of the three pins is the PD and LD!

The LCD itself is a fantastic little unit with transparent circuit traces that are only visible if you hold it just so. One thing that we have alluded to thus far is the mechanical complexity of the machine. This board contains a humidity sensor— interesting little component.

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My advice if you want to recover these glass lenses: The lenses are optical glass and have an anti-reflection coating. Here is a list of some of the possiblly useful bits that we pulled out: Many of the parts are designed to accommodate the other variations on this platform— with attached duplexer, scanner, or lower-end configurations without networking.

After taking off the back panels of the printer, we can see that these lenses belong to a big black plastic box.

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They really want to sell you that new belt. The telescope is folded in the middle by a moderately sized first-surface mirror 2. The right cover comes off, and then we unscrew the back panel.

And finally, what is left of our once-proud printer?

Driver HP 2600n For Windows 7 64 bit

Besides the two laser diodes on those circuit boards, there is one other optical component, shown here close up. Deep in the inner sanctum of the printer hides the optics package.

The chip on the back side of this single-layer printed circuit board is an LCD controller. High voltage is used in a laser printer to create electrostatic charges that determine where toner does— or does not— stick.

Driver HP n Windows 7 64 bit

The assembly consists of a pair of rollers, where the orange one contains a heater. At this stage the printer is starting to look a little bit different.

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My experiences with eBay sellers is mostly negative. The big technological change that has made color laser printers relatively inexpensive over the last decade is that lasers became inexpensive.

The installation guide HP 2600n driver

The lens on the left is a plain near cylindrical convex lens that focuses light onto the photodiode that we saw earlier. This is actually typical of the fine engineering found throughout this machine— every piece has been carefully planned as an integrated system.

And of course, you can click the individual photos for other sizes. It is a small photodiode in a clear SOIC-6 package with what appears to be several independent pins— this may be a position sensitive detector. The back plate is sheet metal, held on by phillips head screws.

Thus from a crude economic perspective that is, ignoring the extreme environmental irresponsibility of the remainder of this thought it could possibly make more sense to just go ahead and buy a new printer when you run out of ink.

Inside the optics package: These are actuated as the user opens or closes the front door.