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All our products are brand new and sealed. The strength of the base metal has a profound effect on the brazed joint strength; thus clearly it hookup uniweld flow indicator for brazing be considered when the project is done, especially in the case of specific designs.

However, this will not affect the shipping times. Brazing is used when joining dissimilar metals, pieces of thin, heat-treated metals and metal joints with ceramics. In order for wetting to occur between a solid surface and a liquid, it is important that there is any affinity between these two materials and that the faces to be joined are perfectly clean grease and oxides.

Uniweld NV1 NitroVue Nitrogen Flow Indicator 1/4"F X1/4"M BRAZING Free Shipping

Other metals can be joined by solderbrazing with a suitable filler metal, and dissimilar metals. The wetting is the action of spreading the liquid metal on a solid surface. The NV1 must be connected to a Nitrogen Regulator with the delivery pressure set at 60 psi to control the nitrogen gas pressure.

Cleaning can be done by chemical or mechanical etching. Contact Fluxes for Brazing Brazing is a welding process originated the brazing. We will respond back to your message within 24 hours.

It is generally used to join steel and cast iron, but can also be employed to attach copper, nickel and their alloys.

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It may take a few business days for us to process the tracking number onto eBay. Such remaining flux must be removed with warm or cold water and brush, as it is chemically aggressive fainboim inmunologia online dating can cause corrosion in brazed area.

The nitrogen must be flowing to displace the oxygen inside the tubing during the brazing process, preventing internal oxidation and the resulting scale. Scale build up inside the tubing can cause blockage in the TXV and within the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration system resulting in premature failure.

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If the orange ball does not rise in the tube there is no flow of nitrogen, only static pressure and oxygen is not being displaced. When welding cast iron melt, the process requires preheating high and low cooling speed to minimize the occurrence of cracks and the formation of cementite; the use of the brazing prevents cracks, so that few problems with expansion and contraction are found.

It covers a wide field ranging from electrical and electronic industry Atea automotive and aviation. A soft solder is used mainly in the electrical and electronics industries, in the welding circuit boards, components and electrical terminal connections.


Please allow business days for the package to arrive, regardless of buyer location within the US. In this type of joint, the base metal never melts and it is this fact which differentiates the brazing of other fusion welding processes.

The solderbrazing is used in the welding of pipes, rods, bars and cast and forged components, when you want results with small deformations.

In most cases, strong weld is made by oxyfuel welding process with a shaped copper alloy rod and a suitable flux; however, it is possible to use TIG arc or plasma process, without the use of fluxes and without melting the base metal.

Fluxes for Brazing

What will unite the pieces is the addition of metal, this yes, cast, penetrating the spaces between them. The NV1 can be used with complete confidence because it is protected from over pressure with a reseatable safety blow off that opens at psi. In the brazing process it is not necessary to work the profile parts, because these do not fuse.

Application The brazing was initially developed to repair cracked or broken parts.

Uniweld Tech Tip: Brazing With UNF3 Nitrogen Flow Indicator - YouTube

According to the definition of the American Association AWS Brazing -a-welding together a group of joining processes that binds metals by suitable heating and by the use of a lower melting temperature filler metal than the temperature "solidus" of the base metal ; the filler metal fills the joint by capillary action.

The brazing results in the brazing and solderbrazing or brazed welding. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. The easy to read flow indicator label and the precision adjustable valve give complete control over the low flow of nitrogen gas during the brazing of copper tubing in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration systems.

Uniweld NV1 NitroVue Nitrogen Flow Indicator 1/4"F X1/4"M BRAZING

As the flow of the filler metal is much larger than the flux, the filler metal displaces the flux and replaces the gasket; after cooling, the filler material fills the joint and the flow is distributed around the periphery of the joint, protecting it even during cooling.

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