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Hook up samsung surround sound system, setting up a sound bar

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Attach the included speaker wire bundles to the appropriate speakers. Step Connect any other components you wish to play through the soundbar to the relevant ports. The soundbar has two small speakers on either end and is connected wirelessly to a W subwoofer.

Position the surround rear speakers behind your audience, two to three feet above ear-level, facing down slightly.

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Connecting the soundbar to the TV requires a single wire and wall ports within range of the devices. Check the connections on the amplifier Most stereo system amplifiers have RCA input connections. Video of the Day Place the soundbar of the home theater system above or below your TV.

Several of Samsung's surround sound systems utilize vacuum tubes to recreate the feel of analog sound, with the clarity of a digital source. Plug in the surround sound receiver and power it on to enable your surround sound speakers.

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The indicator light on top of the subwoofer will illuminate to show that a wireless connection exists. Position the subwoofer wherever it is convenient; placement does not have an impact on sound quality. Insert the black end of each wire into the "Negative" port and the red end of each of wire into the "Positive" port of each speaker.

When setting up a Samsung surround sound system in your office, it is important to choose an open area to place the speakers or sound bar in order to fully experience the depth of sound created by the surround sound system.

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Connect the cable to the amplifier Plug the other end of the cable into an input on the amplifier. Surround sound audio systems are usually easy to hook up.

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Connect a cable to the television Plug one end of a cable into the corresponding output connection on the television set.

Connect the headphone end to the headphone jack on the television.

Hook up surround sound system to entire system

Share on Facebook The Samsung Soundbar is part of a Samsung home theater system which can be used to provide cinema-like sounds from your TV in your living room. These are usually located at the back of the television, but they are sometimes be located on one side.

Plug the power cords of the subwoofer and the soundbar into wall ports and turn on the units. Setting up a Sound Bar 1.

How Do You Connect an RF Modulator to a TV?

Things Needed Phillips screwdriver Tips Position your seating area two to three times further than the length of your television for best results.

You can also play sounds from other devices through the sound system. Press and hold the "ID Set" button on the back of the subwoofer for five seconds.

Some Samsung sound bars can be re-positioned in several configurations, including wall-mounted and split into two separate sound bars.

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However, a few modern devices may include digital audio inputs or HDMI inputs. Setting up a Multi-Speaker System 1.

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Connect the sound bar and subwoofer to the power supply. This can be behind a sofa, if necessary. Attach the sound bar halves together and screw the stand into the sound bar using the screwdriver.

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Step Connect the supplied video cable from the "Video Out" jack port on the back of the soundbar to the "Video In" jack port on the TV. Check the connections on the television Different televisions have different kinds of connections.

Position the front-left and front-right speakers facing your audience, turned in to a degree angle, with the tweeters -- the smallest portion of the speaker -- at your audience's ear level.

How Do You Hook up a Surround Sound System to a Television? |

For example, connect an iPod to the "iPod" jack port on the rear of the main unit. Many have RCA output connections, but others may have headphone jacks, digital audio connections or HDMI connections, which can transmit both sound and audio.

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Match the colored speaker wire plugs to their corresponding jacks on the back of the surround sound receiver.

Position the center speaker above or below your television, level with the front-left and front-right speakers.