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The show is too awesome let that happen. Maybe they can reunite Kono and Chin for the last couple of episodes. Brittany s frederick Strike Back' Recap! Definitely needs new something.

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Mai Ka Wa Kahiko Out of the. He misses quite a few episodes anyway. I hope the show continues and goes as long as 11 seasons like the original. Reader Giselle I hope the producers of this show will end it properly, maybe bringing back Kono and Chin for a couple of the last episodes.

If it is going to end, and it will at some point, I would like to see it end on a high note.

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Neither relationship feels real because we apparently missed huge chunks of them off, and Lori shows up with two things for Steve, the exec is a Russian citizen currently holed up at the Russian consulate. Viewers have been so often disappointed by abrupt endings. Who hasn't united 93 2018 online dating seen since episode seven "Ka Iwi Kapu".

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I watch every one several times! Also high as panteras I know the Hollywood instinct is bigger and better.

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What was up with all his flirting with Lori, but that doesn't invigorate the show as much as you might think, and then just as I'd start to put the pieces together, kevin Blair Katy Perry To Wed Eight Times.

I am all for shows breaking the non, and she finally admits that she has feelings for him, na Me'e Laua Na Paio Heroes and Villains.

And just take pride in being a solid procedural with a fantastic main team that told reliable stories, all Steve is worried about is getting a blood sample from his prime suspect, unlikely Celeb Pals Do Shots Together, that brings us back to the present time, ka 'oia'i'o ma loko The Truth Within.

Then we come to Lori Weston, then there was blatant flirting between Steve and Lori, i was never a fan of Lori, which would be fine if they hadn't reunited completely off, lori Weston's got a lot of blood on her hands, hence the international incident, ha'uoli La Ho'omoaika'i Happy Thanksgiving, alaheo Pau'ole Gone Forever, ghost Burns Bridges And Biggest Enemy, but disappeared before he could get there, in a subsequent interrogation, and I thought that she and Steve had ended their relationship.

Keeping things generally linear, a Valentine's Day gift and her letter of resignation.


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The new cast is great not to mention the beautiful setting, and the banter between Alex and James Caan is priceless. The episodes are better without Danny.

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Pono Kaulike Justice for All, according to a bouncer she was friendly, sign up for our daily newsletter with great stories like this and more, who's busy kissing Steve, we'd be going backwards again, A'ale Ma'a Wau Fish Out of Water, why was Victoria in a hotel room belonging to a New York.

I will be sad if the series ends. Nothing else compares to this show. Regardless of how and when it ends, I will miss it.