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Nov 14, There's no handsome young men or beautiful women in the film. The ensuing film explores the psychology of those who live on the edge, as the handful of flirtation swoosie kurtz bide their time playing childish beach games while awaiting the decisive battle that may or may not end in their deaths.

Meanwhile, Kids Returna semi-autobiographical account of two school friends who go off the rails and drift apart, is undoubtedly his most personal. Even so, it is very 'strong'.

Perhaps, that was not fair after all. In these pictures he gives a succession of domineering turns as world-weary, self-destructive cops, or gang bosses whose unpredictable fits of savagery place them way outside the boundaries of everyday society.

Do you have other films you would recommend for Japanese learners?

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However, for some reason, European people seemed to love his film somehow. Fair enough, furious Kitano once attacked the publisher of a gossip magazine with his henchman comedians and they were arrested.

To be honest, among the three, he is least my favourite. Recently, however, I got to know a Polish couple. With titles such as SonatineHana-bi and BrotherTakeshi Kitano represented the ultimate actor-writer-director package.

His marriage quickly breaks up, so now he lives alone. You may love it. Synopsis[ edit ] Yoshitaka Nishi Takeshi Kitano is a violent police detective who had to retire from the police after a tragic accident during a detention: English Nov 13, Typically, his eyes are obscured by dark glasses, while his cold, dispassionate demeanour only fleetingly breaks into rictus-like grins.

The film moves at a deliberate pace and devotes much time to exploring their relationship.

HANA-BI by Kitano

I'm sad if many Japanese people think of British people as being like Vinnie Jones though. Nishi buys a second-hand taxi cab and repaints it in police colors. Maybe, it's not the greatest film for Japanese learning.

The violence in this film works magically, and in harmony with the static scenery and paintings.

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Eventually, the gangsters find Nishi, but he kills them all in a violent shootout. Meanwhile, guessing who may be behind the robbery, the yakuza thugs chase Nishi to extort money from him, allegedly for storage.

Becoming unemployed, Nishi spends most of his time taking care of his sick wife Miyuki Kayoko Kishimotowho has leukemia. To pay for his wife's needs, Nishi borrows money from the yakuzabut is having difficulty repaying them.

Nevertheless, Brother is at least curiously entertaining, which is more than can be said for his subsequent attempt at manufacturing a domestic hit. Well, I didn't like it. I don't like a snobbish man. It's too 'artistic' for a film made by a comedian.

I watched a special TV program about the enthusiasm for Kitano films in Europe. I actually enjoyed Zatoichi, but I really enjoyed Kikujiro which is admittedly quirky, but it's also very touching and simply told. Since there's only a few lines in the film, I had to listen to some muttering lines repeatedly to follow the plot.

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Hana-bi Why this might not seem so easy During the s, the face of Japanese cinema projected internationally was almost entirely that of one man. I was also a bit embarrassed in that Japanese people couldn't understand or praise the beauty of this film before Europeans. I generally hate Tokyo accent although I can speak itbut his speech is just amazing.

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It's very very Japanese. I also watched his first film, Violent Cop on TV. It was very impressive and memorable, but it was all about violence.

So, my take on his films was that they always contained violence and they were bizarre. Violence in this film works magically in harmony with static scenery and paintings.

Though it has its admirers, Dolls is a real trudge. Anyway, because he was already an established comedian, most Japanese people had never seriously taken his films; It must be his non-sense again.

He gives money to Tanaka's widow and buys inks and papers for Horibe, who takes up painting and creates surrealistic works of art.

Nishi then starts a journey to historical sites with his wife; both of them know they will not return. Also, it's kind of close the taste of Kikujiro film.

That looks like a great series to try watching. I'm not sure who the director is, but I was curious because it has Vinnie Jones in it a UK footballer, and, frankly a thug who always plays pretty violent unfriendly people.

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They love Kitano films. The result was dark and undeniably shocking, especially for Japanese audiences lured in by the original theatrical poster. In a conversation with Nishi, Horibe hints he considered committing suicidewhile adding that he would like to paint but cannot afford to buy himself necessary materials.

The film was very strange, but I did quite enjoy it.

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Kitano takes centre stage as Murakawa, a jaded gangster with thoughts of retirement who is dispatched by his boss to the semi-tropical beachside paradise of Okinawa to help out in a local turf war, only to have most of his cohorts rubbed out in a bloody skirmish.

His body of work as a director, comprising 17 films spanning from Violent Cop to Ryuzo and the Seven Henchmenmight best be seen as a project of deconstruction, even destruction, of the familiar funnyman image he worked so hard to establish throughout the s and 80s.

His scenes unfolded sedately in immaculately composed long shots, building a dread sense of anticipation before exploding into violence with only the scantest of warnings.

Japanese film containing day-to-day dialogue? Two gunshots are heard off camera, but the film doesn't reveal who was shot. He arms himself with a signal revolver and commits an audacious bank robbery dressed as a cop.

At the same time, Nishi is found by Nakamura, who wants to arrest him for the robbery. I didn't like him very much probably because he was called Tono, which means General or Shogun, in the program.

However, European people seemed to love his film somehow. While other directors frame their action sequences by way of intricately choreographed bullet ballets, relayed in disorienting flurries of close-ups and rapid edits, Kitano kept the viewer distant and detached.

It was a great film.

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I'll try to check it out: Meanwhile, Horibe, whom the accident left in a wheelchair, experiences a deep depression. Ordinary stories about ordinary people and an ordinary family. Thank you for your correction! He also learns about the paints for Horibe and soon understands who committed the robbery.