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He just started writing in his 80s to follow a life long dream. This is an amazing time travel romance must read novel. Then a guest dies.

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Darcyon a whim and was treated to an absolute delight of a novel - witty, intelligent, exciting, sexy. Harris resides in Magnolia, Gwyn cready flirting with forever stamps, where she is the senior warden of St.

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Description Critically acclaimed author Gwyn Cready leaves readers on the edge of their seats in a provocative time travel romance A door to the past Ambitious art historian Campbell Stratford is about to make a name for herself with her scandalously sexy biographies of famous seventeenth-century artists.

Suddenly she is catapulted back in time and comes face-to-face with one of her subjects: Cam resembles Ursula so much, right down to the fire in her eyes, that Peter is instantly drawn to her. If you see one missing just send me an e-mail below.

Before leaving Pittsburgh for a business trip, Seph decides to pass time with some shopping so as to keep her mind from Tom Fraser, her dimple-chinned irresistible co-worker and travel buddy.

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Maybe it is out of revenge for screwing her van Dyck book, but Cam's got too much on her plate to back out of the book deal now: Gwyn Cready then published another thrilling romance novel titled timeless desire in July Knowing Shari's other books, this should be one we'll be reading late into the night.

Peter's presence coincides with everything becoming much messier, but Peter could also be the only one she can turn to. It takes place in a cozy mountain lodge in Winter where various people are staying for a romantic getaway.

They rise to the occasion.

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This is the second book of Cready's I've read, and her newest release, and it's just as good as Seducing Mr Darcy. All Gwyn Cready books are a must read since she has a funny and special way of making her readers want more and more of her work.

She worked for 25 years in brand management after which she became a full-time author.

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Her punishment being, to write an ode to romance novels, this is a genre that Ellery compares to word search puzzles. The contemporary romance, paranormal romance and time travel romance in this book is simply breathtaking.

The last thing I want to say is how refreshing it is that neither Cam nor Peter face their predicaments, as unreal as they seem, with denial, stupidity or useless questions. I always feel the need to justify and defend good Romance novels - it's a shame, but it's because there really are so many badly-written ones that I want you to understand how well this does by comparison, as well as how well it does for its own sake.

Campbell Stratford - Cam - is an art director at Carnegie Museum, in line for a promotion for which she needs to sell her biography of van Dyck.

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A delicious evening together ends in Peter realising who she really is and what she's after: She lives in Pittsburgh with her husband, son, daughter and their adorable dog. Gwyn Cready in her third sexy, fun travel adventure novel, titled Flirting with Forever.

And when Cam finds she's been tricked, she exacts her revenge on paper The royal portraitist to King Charles II, Peter Lely, has been returned from the Afterlife to a day in his life in the year by the Guild, which manages the time portals.

As much as Bridgewater views Panna as a spy, he slowly woes her to his escape and in the process their hearts end up entangled, resulting to Panna facing the difficult decision of having to chose where exactly her loyalties lie with this man whom his entire life depends wholly on her or with her late husband.

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For when he next turns up in Cam's own contemporary world of Pittsburgh, it's to stop her writing about him and Ursula in the worst possible light. She accidentally discovers a time portal that causes quite a commotion in the Great Beyond.

The plot sounds complicated, I know, but really it's perfectly straight-forward.

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Read more about Bills books. We'll base this on various factors for example "If you like Jack Reacher Lucky for her, naked models are a dime a dozen in Lely's home.

The time travel romance in this book keeps you glued to the very end.