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Tamuna returns home, where her father, Rezo, is watching "Grdznobata Tqveobashi" Captive Feelingsa soap opera about a maid who is having an affair with the son of her employer. Some elements of the episode seem to have derived from the fifth episode of "Ugly Betty", The Lyin', the Watch, and the Wardrobe.

In the fifth episode, Lali and the mysterious woman's coffee cups have the Illy logo on them. Season 6 Season 5 Passion rekindles between Tina and Bette; Jenny directs her movie and dates the closeted actress playing her in the film; Prefecture du rhone rendez vous dating faces fierce competition from a lesbian couple that opens up a rival gay establishment.

As the Chelidzes and Venera are watching the report, Koba arrives to see Lika. Resenting the way Mr.

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Lali gogona gareubnidan 1 sezoni online dating Nika's former secretary, Lizi, to have lunch at a sidewalk cafe with the mysterious woman, whose face is shown in its entirety for the first time. After subtracting the commercial time, some episodes would clock in at around 45 minutes, while others would be as long as 61 minutes.

Koba proposes to Lika in front of Rezo who still seems a little skeptical and Venera who literally swoons. The next day they make a presentation, during which one of Tamuna's personal photos is accidentally projected on the screen this happened to Betty Suarez, too.

To make matters worse for Tamuna, when she heads home she sees Merab meeting up with a pretty neighbor.

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A side story was concocted for Ancho and Makuna in which the two were drooling over this tall, good-looking, young man who they kept seeing around the office. He then tells Nika about the relationship that he and Meri had, but Nika gets upset and leaves Archil's office.

Tamuna returns to the station and she causes quite a stir among Ancho, Makuna, and the other employees, who can't seem to believe their eyes.

Gogona Gareubnidan

Lika and Rezo go to straighten out a problem with his insurance. They all seem concerned because the think that the way Tamuna is dressed may affect the outcome of her interview, but Tamuna thinks that she is dressed quite fashionably.

Tamuna then goes directly to Sopo's school to tell Lika about Koba, and Lika crumbles to the floor in tears. Koba tries to thwart the robbery, so the man shoots him. Lali starts to blackmail Manana into helping her to conspire against Nika. It seems that Lizi is a sort of Amanda surrogate, because Nika is not sexually involved with the station's receptionist, Mari, at all.

Manana then goes to join her friends at the Chelidzes' apartment, and she shocks everyone by revealing that she has brought Lali. This is apparently why he gave Nika the station director position instead of promoting Lali. Sopo's father, Koba, is introduced in this episode. Philippe then gives Nika the idea to assign so many unpleasant tasks to Tamuna that she will quit.

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It turns out that Zaza works for the rival network that stole TV 11's project idea, so Ancho and Makuna worry that they may have said too much to Zaza at the party. Tornike Gogrichiani born is six years younger than his character, Nika born Season One In the first episode, Tamuna is awakened by her alarm clock and she prepares for a job interview at Teve Tertmetis TV 11a television station in the capital, Tbilisi.

Tsilosani hired her because he knew that Nika wouldn't get distracted and try to sleep with her. Whereas the "Ugly Betty" episode focused on an issue of Mode in which photographs of a popular actress were digitally altered to make her appear thinner and the theft of "The Book" by Betty's neighbor, Ginathe "Gogona Gareubnidan" episode focused on the filming of a recreation of the final musical number from the movie Chicago and the theft of this videotape by Tamuna's neighbor, Maia.

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From what I can tell, Mr. Tsilosani hired Tamuna to be his assistant without asking for his approval, Nika tried to get rid of her by assigning her demeaning tasks.

Lali can often be seen using her iPhone. Lali stands with Mr. Nika leaves and he gets in the elevator with Manana, who gives him Tamuna's notebook and tells him that he should take a look at Tamuna's ideas.

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A friend comes to visit Nika in his new office [Note: Tsilosani forces Nika to bring Levan with him on a business trip to Tallinn, Estonia. While driving to see Archil, Nika's brakes don't respond when he presses his brake pedal and he has a bad car accident. Another thing that "Gogona Gareubnidan" shared with "Ugly Betty" was that many of the actors who were cast in the series had a background in the theater.

While she's there, she sees Lali and the mysterious woman having lunch together. Koba goes to a florist to buy flowers that he can give to Sopo after her performance.

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Lali soon comes to realize that she can't control Eter, so she won't be able to usurp as much power as she had originally hoped. Philippe calls Lali and it becomes clear that he is working with her to undermine Nika. It turns out that Lali knows some information about Manana's younger brother.

Later, Sopo tells her father about their financial problems, so he gives Lika some money, which she reluctantly accepts.

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Archil calls a friend and tells him that he has been set up. Tina Makharadze Tamuna was an unknown third-year student at the Teatraluri Instituti Theatre Institute when she was cast in the starring role.

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The series was produced by Night Show Studio Ghamis Shous Studiis and told the story of Tamuna Chelidze Tina Makharadzean intelligent aspiring journalist who, as the title indicates, lived in the outskirts of Tbilisi, the Georgian capital.

Venera, Dodo, and a male friend of Koba are the invited guests.

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Like her character, Nuki Kopaleishvili Sopo has been raised by a single mother, journalist Dali Pridonashvili. At the police station, Archil convinces a guard to allow him to make a phone call. Tsilosani's private investigator gets abducted.

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When she opens the door she sees a police officer, who tells her about what happened to Koba. Levan goes to ask Mari if he can have the ring that his mother gave to her. Betty Suarez organized a Mode runway show featuring "real" models in Zero Worship ].

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Manana then introduces Dodo, then she fills Tamuna in on all of the employees' personality quirks and dramas. In the eighth episode, Levan's mother calls him and asks him to come home to Okriba for a visit, so he asks Mari to accompany him.

This is the first Betty adaptation to be based directly on the American dramedy and not the Colombian telenovela, and like "Ugly Betty", "Gogona Gareubnidan" aired once a week, in prime time Mondays at

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