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Kotomaru gives a long-winded, nonsensical explanation to the origins of the Bushido Blasters, involving giant equations and the phases of the moon. Remember the terms of your registration Not long ago we showed you a very cool time-lapsed video of a dude called Marcello Barenghi, an Italian artist who draws pictures that look like girlchan newgrounds dating. Meanwhile, Swirly Glasses attempts to woo over the beautiful Girlchan whose feelings remain solely for the troubled Yusuke.

I laughed so hard at the end that I almost threw up.

Girlchan in Paradise

No excessively large signatures. Please do not post links relating to warez or illegal downloading. The entire zentradi fleet surrounds earth and distroyes the surface of the earth. Being the kind of show it is, the party treats them all as serious threats, prompting the party except Kenstar to flat-out give up on one when Yusuke's head-on attack doesn't work, and causing Green Guy to perform a Heroic Sacrifice for another.

Please do your part to be as friendly, respectful, and helpful to anyone and everyone on this forum. Why, took me 3 days to put it together, exluding the three more days it took me to make every single frame! Kenstar is also the name of a brand of appliances; his Distaff CounterpartMaytag, shares this.

For the most part, he seems timid and apologetic about this. Barenghi se caracteriza por hacer dibujos superrealistas, que dejan asombrados a quienes lo ven.

I tried to find the video Major spoiler if you haven't seen robotech. The second episode has far better art but they are both helarious.

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Join The Young Turks Network mailing list https: Talking Is a Free Action: And sorry for being gone this past year. Maytag's power is to put price tags on people.

Off color remarks are acceptable but can girlchan newgrounds dating deemed inappropriate at the discretion of the moderators. They also don't really do anything to contribute to the plot. Green Guy demands that his character come back from the dead, because he needs the paycheck. The real revolution is in daring to be honest with people.

I've uploaded high-resolution scans of all the sketches to flickr, as a supplemental reference.

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Kenstar, of course, remarks "That explaaaaaaains everything! He is "The One", meaning that he is the only person capable of using certain techniques or defeating certain enemies.

Signatures are not to be used as a spamming tool. Kotobaru-san-sama has one of these, and then he eats it.

Girlchan Entry by Banzchan on Newgrounds

Part 1 covers form-gesture and anatomy, and Part 2 covers clothing and butt-shape variety. As with the video, I've licensed these under Creative Commons, so go ahead and share them: These rules are expected to be follow by any and all members at all times.

I hope you like it! When Kenstar is arguing with the Green Guy about his Heroic Sacrifice in episode 3, he invokes this trope, saying that they have fans who are devoted to the integrity of the original series.

For the sake of discussion, I would like to hear if you ever watched a Anime that was dubbed so badly that you couldn't help but laugh. Galacticamaru always appears before the G-Fighters by breaking through a brick wall, even if they're nowhere near one.

Later he loses to a flight of stairs. Minmay, being the delightful bimbo that she is, turns to rick after they witness this and asks "Are they all destroyed? He comes from a special bloodline which grants him a superior fighting technique.

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When engaged in his night trade, The Rapeman wears a black leather ski mask shaped like the head of a circumcised penis. Track from Dance with the Dead Battle: She is Swirly Glasses ' love interest, though she is in love with Yusuke.

Lampshaded in the third episode when he actually beats someone. Lampshaded again when he attacks Captain 1 and immediately. While the heroes are talking about needing to do something to stop him from powering up, Swirly Glasses finishes powering up.

We are not afraid to talk about politics and entertainment and sports and pop culture.

Girlchan Entry

Mutant victims of the plague lurk in the shadows We greatly appreciate your interest and support. They're often in the same shot together and talk to each other, and sometimes even MST the show.

Swirly Glasses Main article: But there was no difference in length between the penises they preferred for one-time partners versus those they preferred for long-term partners: Your posts may be removed at any time at our sole discretion.

Please feel free to begin post and become a part of this community. I am a huge supporter of his work, but haven't seen his site in awhile, and when I revisited the other day I found his newest series Girlchan in Paradise which is essentially a parody of every anime ever made.

If you like this video, check my channel and subscribe to see the news Check out my pixiv: If you have no idea about what this whole deal is, go on Newgrounds and see the original and the rest of Ego's videos, which I claim to be simply hilarious So, why BlazBlue of all games?

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Pose-jacked this inspired image from one of her latest hentai doujinshi review video. Due to YouTube policy all "special" scenes were cut out.

I will make a doujinshi whit them, called "Minami no Sentaku" This software is IllustStudio, and it's my first time whit it.