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Known as Bugsy Wugsy in the book series, Pandora is Benjamin's best friend. I really wish we could just see people as people and keep the movies realistic when it comes to diversity. So what is your point? W We enjoyed this one, for the most part - obviously, my 7yo had a better time than I did, but I still find these books less of a chore to read aloud than some children's lit we've tried.

The other foreign countries are not dumb. Simon would do any dirty business for Sally, not because of dedication to the story, the company or to Sally.

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He is dynamic and perk, although he can be impatient sometimes, and he loves skateboarding and sports. Voiced by Erin Mathews.

Your so right and yes I have noticed it. This section needs additional citations for verification. Trap doesn't work for The Rodent's Gazette, but travels along with Geronimo when he is called on. What movies are you talking about If a movie is unrealistic in that it has all white or all non-white cast, though, that's fine too.

According Italy news from website, Atlantyca Entertainment has announced the 1st episode of third season to be aired by 15 September on Rai 2. There are tons of movies with other races Currently, he oversees Geronimo's operation of his company, and he knows exactly the way he wants things to be.

Trap is a bit of a joker and loves to play tricks banalinga online dating people, especially Geronimo, who he considers to be gullible. I loathe that guy. William Shortpaws is Geronimo's grandfather, and he started geronimo stilton po polsku online dating newspaper empire by selling newspapers as a child.

He always stays in his lab to have some experiments. Oh and if anybody got an impression that I am a racist, I am asian. Sally Ratmousen voiced by Patricia Drake is the main antagonist of the series. Pandora has a tendency to get distracted easily, which can lead her into danger.

Have you guys noticed this? Thea is Geronimo's younger sister, and is the complete opposite of Geronimo when it comes to adventure. His love of knowledge is his main strength in the cartoon, as well as his sense of ethics and morals.

We wondered what the hell did they put in the water that week over there in the Stateslol, this must be just another only in America thing.

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I think people are too sensitive about this stuff. Still, he has a big heart and doesn't play jokes to be mean. She has a tendency to get distracted easily which leads her into danger. The brand new cartoon will feature faster moving stories of internationally renowned mouse-journalist Geronimo Stilton.

Trap and Pandora also get along as well for both like to play pranks on Geronimo. If there's a police chief or a high school principal or a lawyer or a mayor they're always black. Voiced by Sarah Edmondson.

Because the best of the best, always rises to the top regardless of color. It's just a matter of proportions. By the way, did I tell you I hv acted on stage before It's better than having a fully diverse film about the KKK.

We obviously know what Ethnic groups make up the American population. Trap is Geronimo's cousin. Trap is a joker and loves to play tricks on others, especially Geronimo who he considers to be gullible.

So, "audition for the family library" has been successful, though very few of these books will ever actually make the physical family library shelf. Also note that Geronimo doesn't wear his signature glasses as in the book series. He lives in a trailer located in a beautiful park and is an expert chef, yet none of the meals he cooks up are tasty to Geronimo.

He works with his uncle at The Rodent's Gazette, running a computer news blog after school. But many of the Hollywood movies chick flicks or kind of like about teenagers or like the wedding planner etc.

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Like wow, am I the only one like me. He works with his uncle at The Rodent's Gazette, running a computer news blog after school. No wonder foreign countries that watch American movies think all American people are white.

Trap thinks Geronimo should lighten up. Voiced by Patricia Drake. That's not true that movies only have white people. Just watch the dang movie! Does that somehow make it better? Voiced by Richard Ian Cox.

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A special correspondent for The Rodent's Gazette, Thea is always on call to transport the team to new adventures, and is always ready to jump into action. He would do any dirty business for Sally. White people make up most of America. If you're not happy, make one yourself.

He's not a "reluctant reader," at all, but it's still nice to put fun books in his path, especially during summer vacation. He is dynamic and perk though a little impatient at times and loves skateboarding and sports as much as he loves computers.

Edit Atlantyca Entertainment, the owner of the rights, has decided to develop and produce the animated series.