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Our expert can help you develop the recipe that matches the kind of texture you want in your noodle s. With recipes, manuals, and training, we help make anyone be able to make delicious noodles consistently.

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Operational Manual The manual helps daily production and routine maintenance be consistent and anyone produce the noodles with consistent quality. Inside recipes, certain elements are concerned. Over the years, in search for definite methods to produce delicious noodles consistently, we have developed Yamato noodle making methods.

Ease of use Roller gas adjusted with one wheel handle — noodle thickness adjusted with 0. To do it, the key is the operational manual and recipe.

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We believe delightful dating site free trial building good textured noodle dough through processes that gradually apply proper amount of pressure at each stage of noodle making. Because there can be literally unlimited types of ramen noodles, we have developed and accumulated over 1, noodle recipes to accommodate never-ending-needs for various and new types of noodles.

We are strict on numbers for our customers to be able to keep the quality of their noodles consistent.

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Size width x thicknessliquid ratio weight of liquid ingredients to the weigh of solid ingredients, such as flouringredients, processes mixing, sheeting, etc. Recipe We provide basic recipe s and develop original recipe s for the noodles our customer wants to make.

AMT AutoMag IV

Functionality Change of roller speed and length of noodle at touch of volume — automatic portioning cutter. Texture Noodle textures can be controlled and adjusted through recipes. Safety Safety devices that keep users from any injuries.

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Certain features of our machines reduce redundancy and time lost in inefficient process. To develop recipes that match the specifications of the noodle, we focus on 3 points below. As all of these determine the type of texture a particular noodle carries, knowing how each element affects the texture is critical when making an ideal noodle.

With over 30 years of research and development, We have developed noodle making machines that are so easy to use that anyone can start making master-quality fresh noodles and versatile enough to make variety of noodles.

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Consistency Consistency is one of the keys to success of any business. Flour being most important, water, and other ingredients play big roles in constructing great texture and taste in noodle. Because noodle making is daily routine job, making machine operation as easy and efficient as possible is our priority.

Size Thickness x Width, shape, of the noodle is very important for the texture.

The following a few examples. We provide both of them. This does not only include various types of ramen noodles, but also udon, soba, pasta, and other types of noodles.

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Texture Of Noodle Hard, soft, chewy, crunchy, bouncy, etc. Considering what is important in each ingredient, flour, water, kansui, and others in making delicious ramen noodles, we put it into consideration when helping our customers develop their recipes.

Ingredients Flour being the most important, water, other ingredients. We provide different methods for different types of textures and noodles. What we can make sure on our side is that anyone at a restaurant can make the same noodles with the same quality every single day.