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Besides souvenirs, they sell Braunschweig Phantoms fan articles, tickets for various concerts and theater plays, etc. May be crowded on occasion, staff is very helpful and friendly. Local specialties Brunswick owl Having been one of the most important cities of medieval Germany has left its traces in the Brunswick cuisine, be it the Mumme Brunswick Mum apparently the oldest man-made nonperishable food or its rich selection of sausages and cakes.

The small timber-framed buildings house little art shops, wine stores, pawn shops, and stores selling health food. The restaurant itself is located in Northern Germany's oldest vaulted cellar.

Schloss-Arkaden [37] is a large shopping mall located in the re-built facade of old Brunswick Palace. Take the opportunity to shop for Mumme specialties at the Mumme store [50]. When walking towards Burgpassage from the Wrestlers' Fountain, turn left before entering it to get into Schlosspassage.

Afterwards, the crowd continues drinking and celebration in bars along the procession route and in the bars of Magniviertel.

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If you can, please visit or order from Brunswick's Pizza Room Sophienstr. The ground floor is like a large supermarkt with products from nany real world hook ups over the world and various counters with ready made meals.

English menus are available. Arthouse and independent films are shown in cinemas all over town. Do not miss it, should you happen to be in the area in December.

They also serve their own beer Naske Dunkel. The shopping area features three shopping passages. Eat two of those monsters 1.

This rather small passage will lead you to night club Tango.

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Smoking is permitted in this restaurant. They also have English books in stock. Fischer [62] Altewiekring 44, Braunschweig - on Altewiekring is a chic somewhat artsy place with a very nice atmosphere, an even nicer staff, and an even more excellent Flammkuchen.

Furthermore, customers can find fine porcelaine as well as accessories for the household, a small book section with english books, shoes, a parfumery and much more. A good address for books is book store Graff [41]close to Welfenhof has a wide selection on books about Brunswick.

It marks the beginning of Lent and is the highlight of the German Karneval carnival.

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Traditionally over the Pentecost weekend, Brunswick's castle square turns medieval during the annual Medieval Market Fair [31]. Most notably, they boast the Brunswick Lions fan shop and also carry a small selection of Eintracht Braunschweig fan articles. They are a mixture of luxurious high-priced and medium-segmented articles.

Located a little outside the city center in Timmerlah, but definitely worth a visit, not only for Schnitzel enthusiasts. Live music on occasion. Burgpassage hosts a variety of stores on two floors.

Various specialties such as Braunkohl, Meterbratwurst One-meter-long bratwurstHeideschinken baked ham in a rye bunshashlik, baked camembert, etc.

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Nature reserve and arboretum Riddagshausen [26]. Brunswick chinaware, mugs, and steins can be bought at Karstadt am Gewandhaus Poststr. Schoduvel celebrations include dressing up in costumes, dancing, heavy drinking, and the parade of Schoduvel floats. El Gaucho [63] WendenringBraunschweig -Argentinian steak house, and one of the best in town.

Galeria Kaufhof at Alexanderplatz on the map.

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Mid-range[ edit ] Highly recommended with very, very typical Braunschweig cuisine comes Mutter Habenicht [57] Papenstieg 3, Brunswick -tucked in behind the Braunschweiger Landesmuseum Brunswick State Museum.

Turkish-German dish Doner kebab places can be found all over town like in any major German city. Hotel Haus zur Hanse [66] features an excellent restaurant, which has recently been remodeled into a top-notch steak house.

During this weekend, the whole area is closed is for car traffic and numerous food stands and band stages are erected throughout the Magniviertel.

Welfenhof connects Packhof and Lange Strasse, and is home to a recommended tobacco store and one of Brunswick's finest cheese delicatessen. Mini-mall City Point [38] accommodates over 40 shops on five floors.

The branch Sporthaus sells sporting goods. Tandure [65] is an upscale Anatolian restaurant, located in the building complex 'Artmax', close to the 'Volkswagen Arena'.

Galeria Kaufhof, Braunschweig

Arguably some of the best Italian ice creams north of the Alps can be found at Tiziano [54]. Nestled in the shadow of Schloss-Arkaden lies Magniviertel [43]the only Medieval neighborhood that survived WII more or less intact.

When shopping for electronics, Mediamarkt [42] on Lange Strasse is a good address. A very traditional pizza parlor is Stresa, located on Bohlweg.

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The Schoduvel is the largest carnival parade in Northern Germany and the fourth largest in Germany, behind those of the traditional carnival strongholds of CologneDusseldorfand Mainz.

A good opportunity to try Brunswick specialties is the Christmas market in December. Enjoy a tour with "Hugo the Nightwatchman" through medieval Brunswick. Very popular with the nightlife crowd is Asian eatery Kim-Kim [55].

A must-try are Eulen und Meerkatzen owls and guenons - Ulen un Apen in Brunswick dialectwhich, according to legend, were baked by Braunschweig trickster Till Eulenspiegel to play a prank on the people of Brunswick, and which are to this day sold by Braunschweig bakeries.

The warehouse offers a wide range of products from medium-priced to luxurious high-priced goods. Department store Galeria Kaufhof, right next to Schloss-Arkaden is on the other side of Bohlweg, so it is technically not part of the main shopping district any more, but it neither fits in with the small stores of Magniviertel.

Phone ahead for tours in English. The building is hard to miss due to Northern Germany's largest video screen. Great for a relaxed stroll on an otherwise busy Saturday.

Schnitzelhaus WendenringBraunschweig - [60] serves typical German schnitzel in many variations and sizes. Buy[ edit ][ add listing ] Brunswick has a lot of options for shopping for a city its size, making it one of two major shopping locations in Lower Saxony the other one being Hanover.

The place has an all-you-can-eat for 9,90 Euros offer on each month's last Friday. Magni church on a Saturday afternoon.