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I am going to bed right now. Listen always to your heart! Because I feel irrational around you. A little arrogant, but still totally adorable in every way.

You make me feel a certain way.

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You might need to call an ambulance… Missing you this much is killing me. I seemed to have scraped my knees falling for you.

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A more modern day pickup line you can use when sending the girl you like a flirty text. This steamy text message is certainly not for new relationships. This one may be a little steamy, but it is still an appropriate pick up line for some late night flirty texting.

If I could change the alphabet I would put U and I together. Wait for her to ask, what?

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If happiness starts with H, then why does mine start with U? Tell her how they would be all hers if you were this cool, multi-hearted and mysterious creature of the sea! I love your lips. I love the spring mornings, the afternoons in autumn, the winter evenings and the summer nights You look great today.

Do you have a band-aid?

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You really think he will pick homework over you? This flirty text is set up for people who watch the show Doctor Who. Does he make you happy? How did I know?

If you are trying to compliment her physique, use this flirty text!

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Asking her to be with you forever is definitely a way to up your cuteness level. Maybe a piece of lingerie? Oh, I am liking this, so what happens next?

Do your feet never hurt???? If you think that you are the type that likes to add a small touch of humour to your flirtatious messages, then this text is the perfect one for you!

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Girls are like internet domain names Every girl likes to hear how attractive she is, but step outside of sexualizing her by complimenting something more simple… Like her smile. Then you need to tell him!

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All men love to have input when it comes to the panty department. This homework is killing me! Because of that we can totally see how it might be difficult to project the type of flirting you want. Are you a 90 degree angle?

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Let her know just how seriously you are missing her beauty with this flirty message. Men like to talk about girls and their underwear. We understand that feeling.

Be ready to showcase it for him! You are wondering around my thoughts all day long You cannot flirt properly without using lines like these! This is just too cute for words. It will make him feel wanted. Wonder what he will come up with?

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Love is…looking whether he is looking, and when he does, certainly not looking back!! This complement will surely lift her spirits! The moon and the sun are both jealous of how brightly you shine.

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Boost his confidence by not only wishing him good luck, but telling him how great and handsome he is! His jaw will literally drop to the floor when he sees this. I want to be the reason you look at your phone and smile.

When the night comes, look at the sky. If I were an octopus, all three of my hearts would belong to you. Are you free next Saturday?

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Like a broken pencil, life without you is pointless. No other woman could ever compete with you, I hope you know that. Your smile could light up an entire city.

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