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Here's how they compare. Operations[ edit ] The platform showcases startups [16] and it is required that those posting projects have legitimate documentation in place prior to going live.

RecordGram Startup Battlefield Disrupt New York TechCrunch Year ago RecordGram's social network lets producers, recording artists, and fans create and collaborate on tracks from the convenience of their mobile devices.

Find out more about Disrupt here: Watch the company launch on the TechCrunch stage in As a result, RockThePost rebranded and Onevest was born. As the article states, for Rock The Post crowdfunding is not about funding your friends artisanal wrapping paper, it is about saving the U.

The site was launched in November Led by the enigmatic Vitalik Buterin and a constellation of coders and venture capitalists, According to the announcement the result of the acquisition would increase the number of registered entrepreneurs to overon the platform and now providing services to entrepreneurs that would range from idea desregulacion economica yahoo dating funding and beyond.

A packed demo featuring a number of its robots, including the sideways-walking Dropbox launches on the TechCrunch stage in TechCrunch 4 months ago Dropbox made its public debut on the stock market in March From the reporter's point of view, it was surprising how project owners could call to speak with Rock The Post.

It focuses on "entrepreneurs, not dreamers", in trying to keep its platform legitimate and help eliminate some of the barriers that typically stand between startups and growth capital. When you type a query in Vurb, you get everything you need without having to leave the search House Committee on Small Business to voice RockThePost's stance on the present challenges the company was facing as a changing industry and the future of equity crowdfunding.

However, the registration on the platform is completely free of charge.

The only downside is It's fast, fun to drive, relatively affordable and has great electric range. We visit its first restaurant in San Francisco to taste Creator's burger from the future. The future of retail may look like b8ta TechCrunch 4 months ago b8ta is a new type of brick and mortar retail.

Bitcoin and the Blockchain S1: Disrupt London Startup Battlefield Finals: A robot cooks burgers at startup restaurant Creator TechCrunch Month ago Creator is a new burger-making robot startup.

Inventing a revenue model they call "retail as service," b8ta doesn't rely on sales of a product to make money they Business Insider said that the site is yet another promising tool to help American entrepreneurs succeed and get the national economy back on track.

Ethereum's Blockchain Trust Disrupted: Colormass Disrupt SF TechCrunch 10 months ago Colormass makes it easy to compose and render realistic-looking shots of physical products for just about any purpose.

Initially the platform offered projects that could receive funding or in-kind contributions e. The Champions of Change program shares the stories of everyday people that have strengthened their communities through hard work and innovation.

The event honored entrepreneurs who exemplify the promise of crowdfunding to fuel economic growth and community empowerment through innovative crowdfunding projects across the country.

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