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She operates with care and precision fluttering eyelashes flirting games I feel confident that I will get great results every time!!!!! So having a warm relaxing atmosphere to go back to helps a lot. I am so lucky I found her!


Despi is by far the best lash gal in LA. That is how good she is!! Contact Your eyes reflect your personality, your individuality, and your style!

We use luxury products to create timeless looks.

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She is a total perfectionist to say the least, so I always leave looking completely flawless. If I could give her 10 stars I would!! I highly recommend Despi if you want to look stunning!!!! The lashes look and feel oh so natural and they stay for a long time if proper care is maintained.

Learn More our reviews Despi is the only lash specialist that I will allow to do my lashes, besides the fact that her location is convenient and offers a welcome comfortable feel, I know that I'm going to be able to relax and let her do her thing!

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Her awesome personality made my nervousness go away instantly! She is much more knowledeable than other lash technicians and has a lot of experience and training.

We know that your eyes are more than just a footnote to your overall demeanor—they define it in a powerful way. I love wearing lashes now, and believe me they are addictive!

Flutter (one's) eyelashes

It is a relief not to bother with difficult to stick do-it-yourself lashes Been to lashes all over the world and LA and I I'll never go anywhere else again.

I recently moved to New York and unfortunately cannot find anyone of her caliber out here. Well, you guessed it, I've been coming in for regular fills and I don't think I'd like a cure for this addiction! Now I only see her every few months: I get stopped on the street and in the grocery store with people complimenting my lashes - most are shocked when I inform them they aren't mine.

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Using the finest and safest adhesives, we painstakingly apply each extension individually for an appearance of authenticity.

You won't leave there until your lashes are absolutely perfect! I never had lash extensions before, I was very nervous knowing someone would be working close to my eyes.

She only uses one lash on each so it is never uncomfortable.

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I would not trust anyone else with my eyes. When I lived in LA I went about every 5 weeks and my lashes always looked amazing. Contact us for a free consultation, schedule an appointment, or arrange a house call.

We look forward to making your eyes sparkle!

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I'd highly recommend Despi. So sexy and my fiance loves it!! Not only that, but my lashes stay on for sooooooooo long!!!!!!!!!

She also uses superier products and glue so my eyes don't get irritated.

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I simply cannot imagine anyone else doing my lashes! But Despi made me feel comfortable. Generally the best human ever. She has a huge selection of lashes and can do any style you like, my personal fave is the cat eye.

Oh, did I mention she's a total sweetheart? Lucky for me I make quite a few trips back to LA and I make sure to see her every time.

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I am a make up artist, and understand this procedure very well, Despi is meticulous and exacting in her methods. She is knowledgable, personal and make the entire experience a joy.

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