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The Sun It's fun, playful and flirty. The Sun My style is flirty and feminine.

Word Origin

The Sun The pair have also exchanged flirty messages on social media but have yet to confirm a romance. The Sun What you dismiss as flirty fun could be so much more so give it time. The Sun There are flirty, dirty texts as well. She is amazingly flirty and sensual.

Flirty (adj.)

The Sun He had found flirty messages sent to her via Facebook. The skirts were knee-skimming and flirty. The Sun What you think is just flirty fun disguises deep and real love feelings.

Times, Sunday Times Being playful and flirty puts you in a top-notch mood.

Other Vocabulary

The Sun This is not your only love optionas a flirty text shows. Read moreā€¦ Your love profile is flirty and fun. The Sun If single, a flirty smile in a fitness location could lead to a red-hot romance. The Sun We share flirty emails and smiles but I'm aching for more.

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The Sun What you think is flirty fun could mean so much more. The Sun It's a new era of women being really flirty and feminine.

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Times, Sunday Times The designer duo went feminine and flirty with blushed cheeksrose lips and a hint of pink on eyelidstoo. The Sun When it comes to love, one question and one answer could change what seems to be just flirty fun into such a warm and loving relationship. The Sun He found a flirty message on my phone.

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The Sun An exciting new chapter in your love life could begin when you get a flirty text. The Sun At first you dismiss a flirty text as a joke but the love is real. The Sun What you think is just flirty party fun could become lasting love. She had an appealing flirty smile.

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The Sun Trends of 'flirty' Used Rarely. The Sun What you think is just flirty fun can turn into a deep and meaningful relationship. The Sun You realise flirty fun is hiding genuine feelings.

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The Sun If you are single a flirty text can lead to real love. The Sun You get smarter about relationships, see the real person behind the flirty smiles and know who'll be good for you and who is tempting but tricky.

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The Sun I forgave him only after he admitted he had a problem and said he got a thrill from flirty texts. The Sun But the day's biggest surprise is realising how quickly feelings can grow from flirty fun to a deep and complete love.