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I had never hated anyone so much!!! Maybe I'm wrong, but I think you got jealous. I realized that all those friendly gestures back in October to December was just temporary and was just to pass off her boyfriend, because she would always turn her head before talking to me, seeing if Bob was around.

He stole my future-dream-girlfriend Because I may never have her as mine, I'll hate her even more, with the bitterest gall I can muster.

I choose her my family just cut of any contact with me. So my sister got in a fight with all of her friends and now none of them like her anymore.

We didn't talk since.

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When a new girl came it changed. She loves finding new friends and hanging out in all sort of activities. Not a vile, unintentional, but still repulsing sneer of amusement, those ruby lips so utterly deceiving.

She was standing smoking a fig, I mean, I've never been so hurt cruelly in my life and she leaves with the dude who did it. The analyzer did not state how the results were determined, leading me to believe she simply made judgment calls herself, which is no different than a Mormon bishop.

Where are those people? Anyway she said sorry and said that she would dump him for me.

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Over the next two months I couldn't stop thinking about her again nothing pervarted and each month She was getting more friendly and friendly even giving me goodbye hugs, which were by far the best hugs I've ever experienced, not even joking.

I been with this chick for about 10 years and I ready to called it quits she is uneducated heartless lazy put on about lbs sleeps allday don't cook clean bossy I just want to leave my co workers say I can still be a good father and not be with her I am ready for that Story -New! Sinistra hegeliana yahoo dating Bieber obviously and Meadow Walker after a quick bit of googling are both public figures and the story submitter indicates that they don't actually know Bieber or Walker, so mentioning Bieber and Walker by first and last names does not in any way identify the story submitter.

She made a fool outta me. Her name is Meadow. She acts like she is so freaking important and everyone has to wait on her hand and foot. But that's the proof.

We moved into a apt. She was actually nice to me in the beginning of the year like she follow me on Instagram, but as time pass she became jealous of me being friends with her best friend, she actually told me what she has done the pass couple years ago.

This went on for years.

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By submitting this query, you agree to abide by this policy. I told her 'can we began' then she gets an attitude with me. Then the next few days she stopped talking to me and when I do talk to her I felt like I was annoying her rather then having a good time. One day, Laila told me that Angelica said that she was better than me at gymnastics.

Aargh we kinda ended it, cos of studies I knew Angelica wouldn't say that because she knew she was the best at her sport and I was the best at mine.

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I was really lonely cause I don't know anyone but there the people at that school was eally nice. Ever since I entered this college I met one girl whom I found very decent and polite.

She teased me a bit about a guy I hated, but I didn't know how manipulative she was. Think about her every minute of everyday. Its today that she had enough of me forgetting and basically I knew She also cared because she would brag about me and even text after I took a hard test and tell me good job.

I hate my friend so much because well we just had a fight because of a game i was happily playing the game online with her and suddenly shes breaking my world that i build so perfectly i know this a dumb issue but i hate her so much!!!

We met like the 3rd week of school in English class. I'm an introvert, I don't talk unless I have to. I am a thread from hating her more than anyone ever It was ruff the first year, but I was determined for them to have a great childhood.

Then lola said to him 'Haha.

Well anyway she seems really nice buti don't want to say the wrong thing and have an awkward conversation. She only wants you because of your money'. There is a museum my papa handles Which she visited with me. Too far from here. It's not only because She was pretty, She was also funny, She was sarcastic, She was amazing, She gave the best hugs again they were really goodShe was a huge fan girl, She even played a little bit of video games She understood me, and I understood her.

Publish as many digital flipbooks as you want at no extra cost! So after a few years i got used to her treating me that way and hoped each day to move away!!!

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None of my boyfriends other exes bother me at all, then again none of them are messaging him really. We started getting in fights about how Im getting replaced, and she'd yell at me and say I wasn't.

It is with unlimited storage for any users who can delivers locally and reaches globally. And since we're muslims, i do head scarf and hijab where ever i go. I don't have any friends because of her! I hate her cus she took my bf and eats so much mayo with him. So we are both in highscool.

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It sounds so stupid in words but hey love makes small stuff seem bigger. I had a boyfriend. She did the best to communicate me, but I ignored her. Her friend never apologised, but my girlfriend forgave her and they were back to normal, even though I now didn't want to be around her friend.

She always needs to know what's going on and if she doesn't know she gets mad.