How to Make a Flirtini Cocktail How to Make a Flirtini Cocktail

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Black Velvet If you fancy a change from your usual pint of beer, try mixing Champagne with stout. Vodka is generally not aged and can be made using a range of accessible materials and ingredients such as potatoes, grains, sugars, fruit and most things that are capable of being fermented.

Traditional Champagne Cocktail For the classic Champagne cocktail, add four drops of Angostura Bitters to a sugar cube in a Champagne flute.

Try mixing vodka, cointreau and Champagne with pineapple juice, or triple sec, vodka and Champagne with cranberry juice and a squeeze of lemon. Simply add one half Champagne with one half stout.

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Champagne Charlie Mix a shot of apricot brandy with Champagne for the ultimate in Champagne cocktail sophistication. Not sure which one to go for?

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Then sit back and enjoy the taste sensation as it changes from dry to sweet. How to Make Vodka Vodka is a neutral spirit that tends not to have a distinctive flavour or taste in its untampered form. Guinness, in particular, works a treat.

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Flirtini There are a couple of ways of making this delicious cocktail but all of the recipes have similar ingredients. Kir Royal This is a traditional favourite. Lab Soho Lab Soho is a lively, friendly cocktail bar with an edge of sticky about the place like it needs a good clean. It was also a handy ingredient to use in shooter and cocktail recipes.

Sounds an odd combination but try it and see. Disco Fizz For this super bright blue cocktail, add a dash of blue curacao, elderflower cordial, pineapple juice and lemon juice to a Champagne flute, and top up with Champagne.

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Champagne Cocktails May 9, Author admin If you are looking for a special treat, why not spoil yourself with a Champagne cocktail?

Bucks Fizz For a simple but refreshing cocktail, mix two parts Champagne with one part orange juice and serve.

Flirtini Martini Ingredients

Why not try them both and see! Raspberry Vodka I first discovered raspberry vodka a few years back whilst running a pub. This makes it a spirit that is easy to produce in a relatively short space of time.

You could argue that this adds to the character and appeal depending on what you look for in a bar.

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Pour on a dash of brandy and top up with Champagne. The staff are hyped, the music is deafening and the cocktails are flowing each and every day of the week.

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It was Absolut Raspberry and as with everything that is new it had an initial surge of popularity that then curbed and evened out.

To help you get started, give these ideas a try. Opium is a hidden gem amongst the back to back bustling restaurants of Gerrard Street. Mix together and enjoy!

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Emma Peel Pour a dash of pineapple juice into a shot of cherry brandy.