Flirtin' With Disaster Flirtin' With Disaster

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Valerie takes this time to sneak around but Technus one-ups her by leaving her cell phone, entering the main computer, and trapping her inside the room she entered. Immediately Danny crash lands on their table as he battles with Technus.

Inside, Damon Gray gives the tour but briefly stops to chat with Danny about his daughter and tells him to keep all ghost-related matters away from her. Technus meanwhile needs time to crack the 10, digit firewall code to gain access to the main computer, so he plans to distract Danny with Valerie.

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Angry and shocked at what he has done, Danny overloads his jetpack and sends it towards the Technus satellite where it blows up on contact, thus saving the world. At school the next day, Danny tries to defend Valerie while Tucker and especially Sam continue to express concern over his company with her.

The two have a romantic date together with Technus playing a silent role in keeping the two involved, all while Tucker and Sam spy on them, the latter in obvious jealousy.

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As Danny walks to find Valerie, he encounters Technus operating Valerie's ghost-hunting suit like he did earlier in Axion Labs. Her emotions turn worrisome when Tucker finds out Technus is around wherever Danny and Valerie are his PDA acts up whenever the football players cammed online dating is aroundleading him to conclude he's pushing the two together.

They then meet Danny in the hallway. Danny denies it, which Jack only laughs off, saying that he's clueless.

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Damon enters, immediately sees the mess, and finds Valerie still stuck in the room. If the latter is the case, he did give them true information as Danny does indeed want to be an astronaut and Valerie is a ninth-degree black belt. Valerie manages to kittywood online dating Danny by the rims of her hoverboard and electrocutes him, causing him to accidentally shoot his ecto rays out, knocking Valerie unconscious.

Sam then talks to him via Fenton Phones and he flies off while the Grays wonder what that noise was. Meanwhile, Tucker has another set of rejections from a couple of girls both of whom seem more interested in Danny.

Danny leaves his friends while Valerie walks to the two, ultimately hugging Sam for finally accepting her, which is rather painful for Sam. Valerie finds Danny and after Tucker and Sam the latter a bit reluctant walk off to give them some privacy, she explains the two can only be friends for now as her ghost hunting life is complicating current matters with their relationship, unaware Danny leads the same life.

Damon tries to stop him while Technus, seeing all this and declaring he needs more time, uses his technological skills to give Valerie a new suit before departing to the satellite, which he completely possesses. They find Danny taking the booster jetpack.

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In space, Danny has to fight off both Valerie and Technus, the latter slowly starting his invasion of Earth by taking control of computer systems in New York, London, Japan, and other places. It is also mentioned in "Public Enemies" that Maddie is a 9th degree black belt.

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Valerie sadly watches from afar before changing into her new suit and flying off. Valerie and Star sit at a table next to them where the interaction between the two sets of friends is anything but kind. There he witnesses Danny and Valerie's interaction and decides to use their emotions for his own gain.

Valerie sees Danny being chased by her own suit, so using whatever arsenal she possesses a branch, milk carton, and her keysshe distracts the suit long enough for Danny to go ghost and completely destroy it now that he doesn't need to hold back because Valerie is not inside.

Danny meanwhile is chatting with Sam and Tucker, wondering why Valerie was silent as they fought. Danny and Valerie's romance comes full circle as they start dating, much to Sam's jealousy. Grumbling to her room, she gets an online instant message from Danny. Valerie awakes from her unconscious state, tries to find Danny, then flies off home, unaware Danny currently invisible is clinging to the side of her hoverboard as a means to get back to Earth as well.

In this episode, Valerie obtains a new ghost-hunting suit from Technus to replace her destroyed suit, which was originally given to her by Vlad in "Shades of Gray. With the truth now revealed, the suit destroyed, and Valerie risking her life to save Danny, Damon apologizes and forgives her.

Technus easily escapes by taking advantage of Danny's emotions, particularly when he gets angry because Valerie gets slightly hurt from Technus she is unable to fight because her father has taken her ghost hunting equipment away. They try telling this to Danny the next day but he merely laughs it off, after which he expresses that he really wants to be serious with Valerie, much to both Sam and Valerie's who is spying nearby shock.

In the kitchen Jack gives Danny some advice in love, ultimately giving him a class ring to give to the girl, going so far as engraving the name "Sam" on it, thinking she is Danny's girlfriend.

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Before they can carry on more conversations about Technus, Sam spots Valerie eyeing them from afar and quickly covers up, stating if Danny is going to be with Valerie, they would accept her as well.

Valerie's ghost hunting suit comes crashing down and wreaks havoc. Danny flies off once the suit is destroyed, leaving Valerie to see what a dangerous threat Danny Phantom has become, thinking he was trying to destroy her.

The next day Danny tells his friends he's going to give her the class ring, officially making them a couple. Sam comes to comfort him and he gives her the ring to hold onto once again. Danny quickly flies off and fights as she exits. Series continuity Danny's remarks on wanting to be an astronaut date as far back as the first episode, " Mystery Meat.

The two end up chatting all night and get to know each other better.

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Based on Technus' earlier dialogue, Tucker's PDA acting up, and the fact that both Danny and Valerie received the first message, it is clear that he orchestrated the chat though it is not clear whether he set them up and then let their conversation go naturally or if he controlled what each saw.

Meanwhile, Tucker makes note of a space jetpack the X Booster Rocket able to launch a single person into space in two minutes as well as the Mega Cybertron hub computer which is linked to a satellite computer abovea computer so powerful that it can control every computer in the world it is in space to make it much harder for anyone to take over.

This was the first episode to premiere in Danny however is more concerned about Valerie and decides that before he can deal with her, he first must deal with Technus.

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Danny takes the jetpack and a space helmet then blasts off into space something which he is rather excited for while Valerie follows suit, much to her father's dismay.

Technus then makes his escape, hiding inside Valerie's cellphone. He cuts the two off when Valerie instant messages him.

Flirting With Disaster

Valerie later defends Danny while Star criticizes him. Technus seems to be pushing the two together in order to keep Danny from interfering with his latest plan for global domination.

She wonders how the mess was created, but her father quickly pins the blame on her. Gallery Click here to view the gallery. Valerie then asks where he is as well to which Sam answers he's busy.