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They clash and Feraligatr pushes Blastoise away. Because of that, Feraligatr loses its balance and Snorlax manages to push it out of the ring, winning the match and the competition. Snorlax goes up against a Poliwrath and as the match begins, Snorlax makes a surprising win as feraligatr vs blastoise yahoo dating Poliwrath attacks Snorlax's stomach and was bounced back, quickly knocking it out.

Shonosuke proclaims Ash the winner of this year's Sumo Conference. Soon, both Ash and Raiden make it to the semi-finals. The Miltank which is Wobbuffet in disguise goes on the scale and weighs exactly 80 kilos.

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Contents [ show ] Synopsis Ash and co. Feraligatr goes to toss it out, though Snorlax re-gains balance. After a few matches, it was Ash and Snorlax's turn. Brock thinks they should watch the contest.

Jessie makes an easy win and was announced the winner of the match, but Shonosuke lodges a protest to the referee.

Feraligatr vs blastoise

Blastoise retaliates and pushes Feraligatr to the line. The next match is between Raiden's Feraligatr versus a Golem. As Wobbuffet comes out of his Miltank costume as well, Shonosuke berates Team Rocket for making a mockery of the rules the Pokemon sumo stand for.

James and Meowth remind Jessie of the secret strategy she has been planning.

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Ash sends Snorlax on the scale. Ursaring goes to battle, but Miltank uses Counterdeflecting the attack and winning.

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Jessie and James, refusing to accept disqualification, remove their disguises and do their motto. Although Snorlax makes the weigh-in, it doesn't seem to be interested in moving towards the ring, let alone battling.

The gang assumes that Golem is going to win due to its weight advantage, but Raiden turns the tables by using Golem's disadvantages, knocking Golem down to the ground and winning the match.

Feraligatr lets Golem come closer, then strikes it and defeats it.

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Ash wants to compete instead, since he is interested in any kind of battle. Pikachu enthusiastically volunteers, but Ash gently turns the offer down, reminding him that he won't pass the weight requirement. Feraligatr wins and next match is Snorlax vs. Team Rocket, however, came with the paw prints, but see everyone is gone, as the Sumo Tournament is finished already.

Ash calls it back, since they cannot afford it to eat a lot, so goes to switch it for Noctowl.

[Pokemon Battle Ash] - Snorlax vs Feraligatr vs Blastoise

Team Rocket comes back and see a paw print. Shonosuke who saw the Counter attack, declares a protest, so Raiden explains to the heroes that he can protest if Shinosuke has any doubts on a judge's decision, which rarely happens. The heroes notice "Miltank" having a strange face.

Feraligatr and Blastoise glare at each other, making Ash wish he wasn't between those two.

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The heroes know Golem weighs more, so it will be tough to beat, even if Feraligatr is stronger. The ceremony starts, but Snorlax still sleeps, worrying the heroes about that fact. Joy sees it can participate, but wonders why its face is blue.

Snorlax barely manages to retain its balance and teetering on the edge of the ring, still manages to dodge Feraligatr's attack.

However, Snorlax uses its belly once more, pushing Machamp out of the ring.

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True to his nature, Ash decides to enter the conference, certain he can win. Both of them make an impressive move but as Feraligatr was pushing Snorlax out of the ring, Ash tells Snorlax to take a deep breath, using its stomach to push Feraligatr away, saving Snorlax. As luck would have it, the Sumo conference is being held the following day.

Blastoise and Snorlax vs. After some battles, Ash's Snorlax faces Poliwrath. Raiden congratulates Ash for making it to the finals, but he won't go easy on him just because he's a nice kid.

Shonosuke noticed that Jessie's 'Miltank' used a Counter attack, and the official disqualifies them.

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Not too happy about his decision, they reveal their true identity, even their Wobbuffet. While Feraligatr wins in a very close match, once again Ash's Snorlax makes an easy win via its stomach, much to Ash's surprise.

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Watch the surprising turn of events as Ash cleverly uses Snorlax's guts to his advantage. Wobbuffet goes to mutter its name, but Jessie shuts his mouth not to do that. Misty and Brock are happy that Ash wins, even though Misty was sad that Feraligatr lost.

[Pokemon Battle Ash] - Snorlax vs Feraligatr vs Blastoise

Snorlax quickly falls back to sleep, even missing the opening ceremony. Shonosuke knows Miltank used Counter and since using moves is illegal, he disqualifies the team.

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Feraligatr and Snorlax wrestle. The Feraligatr tosses Nidoking away, while a man shouts "Next!

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The next battle is Golem vs. Since it crashed the scale, Joy lets Snorlax participate.

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Snorlax goes to eat the food, but Ash calls him back before it could even touch the food.