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This variation lends support to the idea that the watt circuit was beyond the power handling capacity of the speakers of the late s. Sheffield, United Kingdom Postage to: It's given me two years of flawless operation.

Please enter a number less than or equal to 3. Without a little warm naughtiness, it just doesn't quite get the classic surf sound. But if they skimped on this important detail, one has to wonder what other design compromises were made.

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Anyway, that's how it has been with my '65 Twin Reverb Custom History[ edit ] The Fender Twin has gone through a number of changes over the years, both cosmetically and electronically. That variable resistance is applied to the audio signal on the Vibrato channel, creating a pulsating increase and decrease fender 65 twin reverb reissue dating divas that channel's volume.

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The rating of the amplifier's output power was upgraded to watts and between — an ultra linear output transformer was used, increasing the power to watts. It is my hope that a handwired Twin will deliver the kind of relationship I am hoping for Curiously, it can be switched on through the footswitch only.

Instead of emphasizing the wet middle-tones, you get the piercing high treble notes. It even has more treble, odd as it may seem. This feature was offered on models produced prior to the "tailless" period in The depth control limits the amount of application the variable resistor has on the audio signal.


The image of the Twin-Amp in the Fender Catalog has been the subject of considerable scrutiny. After two years, I am about to kick the ol' amp to the curb escuela posmoderna antropologia yahoo dating trade her in for The Vibrato channel has a duplication of the same controls as the normal channel, plus the addition of reverb, vibrato speed and intensity controls.

This "hi-powered," tweed-covered design continued into earlyafter the other Professional Series of Fender amplifiers had made the transition to the modern brownface design.

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The rear panel contains power and stand by switches, output power switch W or 25Weffect send level, effect loop switch, return level, preamp out, power amp in, footswitch jack, tube bias adjustment and balancing, external speaker jack, main speaker jack.

And the sound really projects. A willingness to be a little naughty. Rear panel controls include a 2. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing.

The re-emergence of the Twin-Amp in mid revealed a new aesthetic design that would become prominent among Fender's top of the line amplifiers, with the exception of the Vibrasonic-Amp.

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Silverface Twin Reverb[ edit ] In the Fender amplifier line switched from the original black faceplate to a new brushed aluminum faceplate with light blue labels except the Bronco, which has red and changed the color of the grillcloth from silver grey to silver with sparkling blue threads embedded within it, ushering in the Silverface era.

The Twin now had an onboard spring reverb tank and was renamed the Twin Reverb. She never forgot your birthday or the anniversary of your first date.

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The prevailing explanation is that production was temporarily interrupted during these months as they coincide with the debut of Fender's new "flagship" or top of the line amplifier, the Fender Vibrasonic -Amp. It's hard to describe. The "Red Knob Twin" was made until ; During it was slghtly modified and the knobs were changed from red to black, keeping the same shape.

The output remains at 85W, unlike the original Twin Reverb of There is no output impedance switch and the total impedance of the main plus external speaker has to be 4 ohms.

It's perfect - it's just not perfect for surf. Okay, maybe you never had a girlfriend like that.

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This amp is damn good. Having a 15" puts this amp somewhere between the Twin Reverb and the Dual Showman, or so one might believe.

When Fender released this, they said it was perfect for people who play in specific styles: It has since been succeeded by the first version "Twin Amps" of Fender's Protube line in Cranking the mid-range knob doesn't do it either. La Playa, Mexico Posted on May 20 The circuit used is commonly known as the AB circuit.

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Some later models came with an unusual silver grillcloth with sparkling orange threads "orange sparkle" ; a black grillcloth was even fitted on some production runs. In a master volume was added, then in late '73 it was fitted with a push pull "boost" or acentric potentiometer in the master volume position.

It even looks mighty fine, with it's tasteful blackface cosmetics and that big 15" speaker with the chrome dustcap, veiled by a woven silver cloth. It's hard to put a finger on it.

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Bythe Bandmaster, the Bassman and the newly debuted Showman were all covered in the new look exemplified by the late Twin-Amp: So, I am bidding mine adieu. It resembles a water bug, with slender wispy legs.

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The front panel also has a bright red pilot light lens better known as "pilot lamp jewel" for its multiple triangular-shaped facetscovering the pilot light made by the Chicago Miniature Lamp Co. The front panel contains left to right: