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It was also an accident. There's already been two comments for it. The reason I moved here was actually because of my online friend, Chanyeol. I am so confused but Suho-came.

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Kyungsoo 3 Future Husband: Sehun 8 future husband: Beakhyun Exo dating game ending of my children: This image does not follow our content guidelines. Chanyeol 6 father of ur children: I stayed at Chanyeol's house, and one time Beakhyun came.

He said that he actually have a feeling for me since our first relationship lol. Lay noticed something was wrong.

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And remember the voting I made you guys do? Instead of letting me freeze in the cold with wathery eyes, Kai invited me in. Vor 23 Tage Bestfriend: He got my first kiss.

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The reason i rejected him was because I was hurt. He finally became my boyfriend, my roomate and he was my first time. I told him about everything and how I felt.

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I lived to him,we become flirty conversation starters examples of metaphors couple. Kyung soo Future husband: And surprisingly mad at Suho.

Soon after the baby was born. I said yes, and waited on an expensive resturant. He even cougth me crying while holding a pregnacy test.

Kai is my boyfriend, first time and father of my son.

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So multi-fandoms, please check it out, if you like. Like half of the world!!! Honestly I went into depression when a person asked to marry him on the book, the first comment actually.

But I also realize that I'm not good enough for him. Kai had said to me where he lived so i decided to take a taxi there.

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Baekhyun Shuucy Galava Vor 15 Tage best friend: I Vor 17 Tage Best Friend: I tried and melted for Suho. Later he wanted to watch a movie to light up my mood. And if any South Korean is reading this, I wanna tell you, your country is so, so, so, so beautiful!!

And, and, before I forget, a person asked me to do an ot12 High school love story, which I said to her that I will do. Lay 9 ex boyfriend: I hope to see you soon!

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At least that's what those comments said to me. BUT I'll end up marrying Lay. Alijandrea Diaz Vor 11 Tage 7-chen 8-lay 2-kai 7-kai 7-kyungsoo 9-chen 7-suho 6-baekhyun 9-chen Neshama Gelb Vor 12 Tage wow ok i manage to date kai since he is my ex but then somehow we got back 2gether and he is my boy friend and the dad of my kids but some how my first crush was xuimin and and my bffs are beakhyun and chanyeol ye i also had my fist time with beakhyun and my first kiss with sehun this game went really well for me lol love you exo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kai 4 Father of your children: The next few days we become a couple.

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Well, marrying your bias won and the book is already online on my account. I will do that but not in this book. Suho he gives me money: It looks like this He was rich, but I tried to forget that.

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I hope it was from Lay. Ah, I'm gonna cry!! Guys, please vote for our EXO, please, if you haven't done yet!! We usually just cuddled in bed, but one time we were drunk more happened. But Suho came, said that he love me and stole my first kiss.

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I didn't even like Lay as a boyfriend. Now, moving on to demographics. Somehow I managed to make Sehun like me, though, as he is my ex. So, This part officially marks the end of this book. Chanyeol Father Of My Children: So chen is my best friend.

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Chanyeol 5 First kiss: Kai It all started when I moved to Seoul. One day I found a love letter on my locker, it asked me to stay at the class after the school.

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Lay Father of your child: Kai father of my children: Chen 5 Ex Boyfriend: We met many times and became bestfriends. I may come up with updates for my EXO fanfics and stories or other kpop stuff, just to notify you guys.