Exploring the Energy Ladder of the Universe Exploring the Energy Ladder of the Universe

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The lower they are, unfortunately, the less likely we would ever consider pursuing a relationship with them. Girls can shift positions on the ladder, but guys are pretty much stuck on whatever ladder they start on.

Social Issues Articles October 10, The Ladder Theory is based on how hetero men and women evaluate the opposite sex on a first impression basis.

Though energy ladder theory of dating statistic is a satiric exaggeration, ladder theory's assertions about women nonetheless characterize them, as a group, as innately hypocritical, manipulative, and self-serving.

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This has some interesting philosophical implications: Ladder theory also makes negative assumptions about men, although it stops energy ladder theory of dating of characterizing them in an essentially negative light.

Remember guys, ladies are attracted mainly to a man who can provide some kind of security financial stability. It is based on an assumption that men tend to be more comfortable with the idea of having sex with female friends than the reverse.

Males should not make it seem that they are only interested in how attractive or willing their female counterpart is to have sex. The theory follows that the decision is made rather quickly and sets the pace for the re Ladder theory also presumes that women consider the strength or presence of one set of qualities to equal the absence or weakness of the other -- essentially, that a specific man's rank on one ladder is inversely proportional to his "natural" rank on the other -- thus leading them to rigidly maintain this categorization once assigned.

Exploring the Energy Ladder of the Universe

If both is mars livable yahoo dating and female had one ladder, it would make things infinitely easier! Women are accused, by Ladder theory of maintaining conflicting criteria for ranking men on the two "ladders"; of holding men to a different standard from that to which they hold themselves; of using the two-ladder dynamic to their personal advantage; of being dishonest about their criteria for ranking men; and of basing their rankings of men on base qualities of money, power, physical attractiveness, novelty, and disinterest rather than on character or worth.

Even with the best conceivable equipment, either the measurement of speed or the measurement of position would be imprecise. This technique becomes a means for a woman to see a man's true colors.

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Below we have provided some basic examples of Ladder Theory "Do's and Don'ts" for your advantage. The Ladder Theory is based on how hetero men and women evaluate the opposite sex on a first impression basis.

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That being said, there are clearly some "Do's and Don'ts" to the Ladder Theory. If she looks good and is flirting, will the man try to cut straight to sex and expose his intentions, or will he maintain a consistent behavior and engage herwhich is much more desirable.

Instead, they should place a greater emphasis on their looks and flirting. Conversely, Ladder theory claims that men evaluate female acquaintances on a single ladder, conflating both sexual desirability and relationship value into an overall measure of priority but usually with sexual attraction given primacy.

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It explains how all the atoms in your body behave, how molecules form and why things have colour. Physicists refer to this as wave-particle duality.

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Physicists have confirmed this behaviour experimentally. The ladder theory is ultimately quite simple: This blog is about the love,life,relationships and real life experiences that teaches us something meaningful in the process.

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This has a profound effect on our understanding of energy. This process of classification and ranking is described as a "ladder". To the male, this is perceived as simply increasing his overall appeal on the single ladder; for the female, however, such behaviour increases the man's rank on the "Friendship" ladder while simultaneously decreasing it on the "Partner" ladder, due to the perceived disparity in criteria between the ladders.

For instance, the higher someone is on the ladder, the more likely we are to date them. The separation between ladders is based on an assumption that women assign value on the ladders based on significantly different criteria: These qualities may be social expectations, pragmatic concerns or nonsexual ideals, depending on the individual and his context.

Ladder Dating Theory

Ladder theory argues that the most effective tactic is to establish desirability on the "Potential" ladder first and only then to establish high ranking on the "Friendship" ladder, rather than the reverse.

Each category has a hierarchical ranking among members within them, based on their perceived sexual desirability or the perceived value of their friendship. Quantum mechanics also shows there is a fundamental bond between waves and particles. So in summary, girls, when they first meet a guy, place him on one of the two ladders: According to the uncertainty principle we can never determine the exact position and speed of a particle at the same time.

Only the very bottom of the male ladder, in ladder theory, is reserved for women the man has firmly excluded from his sexual interest.

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Ladder Theory's primary assertion in social mechanics is that classic "nice" behaviour in courtship is actually a less productive tactic than might be presumed, and can in fact be counterproductive, as women are presumed typically to infer lack of confidence rather than devotion or good character.

Women placed at the top of the male ladder represent an absolute ideal of desirability, usually a combination of extreme sexual attraction and whatever other personal qualities are considered desirable by the man in question.

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This process of classification and ranking is known as a "ladder. This means it only tells us the chance that a measurement has a certain outcome. Thus, initial impressions will either be compatible for a romantic relationship or simply create a strong separation in perception and lead to a strictly platonic friendship.