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The magnetic is radiated and mostly wasted, therefore an under unity device. Record-breaking temperatures are being reported daily on weather channels and news reports all over the world. The unit of measurement for movement is amps.

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This simplifies seeing the energy present when the coils are tuned to the sending Coil in the center. Do not go for the highest or biggest of fancyist.

After getting it set up, the first thing I noticed is the energia magnetica yahoo dating of power. Why doesn't the government doesn't build one of these?! The method of collecting Energy is a function of Human ignorance. The best is to plan the construction, so no tuning is required, if so, very little, then the pica and nano farad capacitors can be used.

Generators do not make electricity, they only harvest that which is disturbed by the rotating magnet and coils arrangement. Now when High Voltage exist it does not exist alone. Now that I know it works, I'm going to make 2 bigger systems. To see this, a radio or TV Station when radiating their magnetic wave siginal has no drawdown, wheather one customer or millions.

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I would recommend the Device photo 2 on My Website with the small Tesla Coil output with the 3 separate Coils which duplicate the energy field from the center output. This is the tricky part because it must supply ample coulombs volt amperes to the requirements.

A safer alternative to energize your home! The ones I recommend are the none contact Voltage detector used for locating and tracing wires from their magnetic component. Additional data points from archaeomagnetic samples with corresponding dating techniques such as tree ring dating or carbon dates, help refine the regional curves.

Magnetic waves freely pass through most conductive materials as undimenished.

(UPDATED) Compilation of important info Don Smith shared to NuEnergy Yahoo group

My devices simply utilize in a more correct way so more of the energy is bluetooth hookup avic z2, which is many times greater than that available through the Stupid Devices Pandered by the conventional systems.

However, when we are trying to get energy from the cosmos the wavelengths are much shorter than what the average experimenter is used to seeing in their experiments. Power is only seen when energy is dissipated. These samples are marked for true north at the time of collection.

I don't need to recommend this to you - it speaks for itself. The center tap You refer to is not fully understood.

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Once wound onto the Coil remove it and measure it. Rain on the mountain, returning to sea level turns the water wheel and such.

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You first must place the decimal in relation to the storage value of the capacitor. To have a source of free energy at your fingertips! Otherwise frustration will win.

To spend your money on the things you enjoy! Sometimes have to use trial and error to approximate the desired results.

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This is seen as free energy. When was the last time you calculated the amount of money you spend on your home electric bill each year?

Therefore in transformers when changing from high voltage to lower voltage, the necessary lowering of the voltage is compensated by an increase in amperage. Only the wire is DC type, however it works better than the wire commonly used for AC especially at high frequencies.

Jerry Decker and associates know this, but insist on being Jerks. All at one second are the same unit of Power.

All components have both inductance and capacitance. I think where the confusion is surfacing is that capacitors are also used as temporary storage prior to continuing on into the load. I like to work with battery powered 12 Volt, neon tube transformers. Many small wires in a single bundle has greater circular mils than a single strand of the same size.

Archaeomagnetic dating

The magnetic side which passes through almost every thing without significant loss will replicate as many times as You wish, which in turn is easily changed-flipped into useful electrical energy.

So in you desgn when the L2 is center tap does it make the same effect? Typically one of the Devices which I am presently working on uses radiation from Plasma Tubes and the Heaviside Current described by Bearden.

You'll be happy to know, every last one of them turned magnetic currents into energy, in as little as a few hours and without skipping a beat.

I have a run capacitor that is rated at about 5 mfd and volts and a full wave rectifier rated also at volts. I was paying hefty bills before. You deserve FREE reusable energy to heat or cool your home, light-up your house and operate your home appliances.

In part this energy is the energy seen in magnets or temporary magnet systems. Is there a minimum voltage required for the EES device? One to two thousand volts works just fine and preferably with a low amperage, 12 volt DC is just fine.

Their operating frequency iscps. The object being that when an electric field is present there is always an equal and opposite magnetic field present. They have to be tuned to the frequency of the radiating magnetic waves.

Each of the samples is measured in a spinner magnetometer to determine the thermal remanent magnetism of each sample.


Thank You for the nice note. And the source is just a source of voltage, not current. The Idea being with a known input and latter a known output makes it easy to assess the results. There is no positive if negative is not present. Depending on the switching devices used this energy can be very substantial.

High Voltage is only useful when properly disipated into a proper grounding. Saves buying a lot of possibly expensive components many times. An earth and or air grounding is reguired to complete the energy system.

This involves sufficient mass to take samples from, and a suitable material with adequate magnetite to hold the remnant magnetism. The Mexican Patent is pending. It generates approximately 6 times more than it consumes, wonderful! The difference is a more intelligent way of getting it.

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