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I only wish my estate agent worked as hard trying to sell my apartment as I have trying to pay my 16 euro per month bills. I've got absolutely nowhere.

Well if I were really cruel I Submitted by stevegwmonkseaton on Fri, Haven't got round to it yet.

Servizio di Maggior Tutela | Servizio Elettrico Nazionale

I pay somebody to check my place. Submitted by jgudorf on Fri, It's sad that it has made you feel that way, perhaps you need someone near by that's done all this and has it working to show you.

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If you click this button more icons appear "La tua bolleta" takes you to the registration page. They do it for a nuber of people.

Sorry, you’re not allowed to access this page.

Assuming you have a bill, then top right will tell you which part of ENEL you are dealing with. Do hope this helps, as I only logged back in here to reply to your post!

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I've been on four different versions of the Enel website, have been misdirected no end of times to pages that do not exist. I've spent several more hours today. Is there a local ex-pats forum for your area?

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Will be surprised if you find an email address, and even more so if you get a reply! Just in case you do want to have another look, you have spotted that you need to know which part of ENEL you need?

It appears that every European country has a different length of IBAN code so it is impossible to pay a bill with a UK bank account or set up a direct debit. Eventually it seems like it is indeed possible to have online access and pay your bills by direct debit, but this option requires an IBAN number so it is right back full circle to needing an Italian bank account.

I only go to the property once a year and to be honest it is just not worth it any more.

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They pay any bills that come in. That is a lot of time out of ones life for paying a bill I've looked at the other option "Libero Mercato" and that is taking you to a different ENEL site, so it matters which you pick.

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I reimburse or pay in advance when there. Well, after 5 hours I give up Submitted by jgudorf on Wed, It would be hilarious if it Submitted by moruzzo on Sat, I can definitively say that there is absolutely no way around this.

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Glad you have a solution at last Karen. The Enel website says it is possible to pay with Paypal but there are no instructions how to do so.

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Most have someone that does this type of thing as a business, ok you may have to pay, but at least it would make life easier Buying a property in Italy was one of the worst mistakes of my life. Submitted by pas55 on Thu, I have tried to sign up for an online bank account with ING, Poste Italia and several others but they all require an Italian identity card or an existing Italian bank account in order to allow me to sign up.

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I am going to just stop paying, let them shut off the electrics again and just buy some candles at Auchan when I arrive. If you hover over either of the 1st two, one is "Maggior Tutela" and the other is "Libero Mercato", I believe the two different parts.

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HI thank you very much Steve. I would then suggest you register on their site here http: