'Dancing With The Stars' Season 19 News: Week 9 Recap, Lea and Artem Eliminated 'Dancing With The Stars' Season 19 News: Week 9 Recap, Lea and Artem Eliminated

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There were some mighty impressive shrieks going on, while Alfonso actually smacked his costumed assailant.

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And he did not disappoint. Antonio and Cheryl had a lot going for them, but somehow never clicked. There was a fun anarchic energy to their Time Warp, but the little group dancing they did was entirely out of sync, so eights it was.

Len, making his triumphant return, was absolutely right — Bethany got completely lost in this number. One old man barely able to move, one guy falling apart from injuries, a girl too chaste to do half the dance moves, and Antonio.

Michael was off timing, missed most of his steps, and accomplished only four triple-steps through the entire routine. If Janel or Alfonso had performed a routine like this, they would have gotten straight tens — maybe 39 if Len was feeling cranky. I appreciated that it did not devolve into gymnastics as these dances so often do, and instead was filled with a lot of actual tango.

Will this couple fall apart before the finals?! I could have watched these backstage shenanigans all night! I was surprised how hard the judges came down on Janel and Val, even though the criticism was justified.

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It was fun to see them dancing around a giant cauldron, but the technique never materialized.

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Before the dance, Antonio dedicated the dance to Len. Emma was very aware of her dilemma, and really truly tried, but the number was abysmal.

He ultimately went with zombies, with him leading a crew of zombies to attack poor innocent Sadie. Advertise with us The scariest thing on Halloween Night, for the couples anyway, was having Len Goodman back as judge.

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I call total BS! The judges are no longer rewarding Michael merely for trying hello, double standard! And what are you dressing up as for Halloween?

I absolutely LOVED this number from an entertainment standpoint — Pretty Little Liars is a guilty pleasure, so seeing a dance thoroughly dedicated to it was great. For the first time in weeks, Alfonso lived up to the hype.

Appropriately, at the end of the dance, Janel peeked out from the curtains and shushed us, which made me actually applaud with glee. I felt like the judges were harsher than they needed to be with scores, but the criticism was valid.

Aside from Len being a terror, the rest of the cast also took the Halloween theme to heart, scaring each other throughout the week. I thought the nines were fair, and was glad the whole team was safe. What paso doble I noticed was good, but this dance was grossly overscored, especially on a night when most of the scoring was quite reasonable.

'Dancing With The Stars' Season 19 News: Week 9 Recap, Lea and Artem Eliminated

He did a bad Quickstep, got sevens for the effort, and we can all move on. Witney helpfully offered a snack — she is adorable! The solos had a lot of shapes that were not particularly pretty.

As the routines got more and more ridiculous in the weeks of his absence, I could not wait for him to condemn the couples for their messing about. With three of the best dancers all of whom are female and Derek on one team, this was obviously going to be awesome.

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‘DWTS’ season 19, week 7 recap: Team Creepy gets crushed

We got Tommy out of the way first, thank heavens, but I was so incredibly disappointed when he emerged unscathed from Not Necessarily the Bottom Two. Bruno was so animated during his critique, he fell over, with Julianne toppling on top of him.

One such couple was Antonio and Cheryl, who were eliminated at the end of the show in eighth place — the same place Cheryl took last season, but well below her average.

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Which couple scared you most? Between that, having Erin back as our vivacious co-host, having Len back to judge, and featuring the crowd-pleasing team dances, it was a good night on Dancing with the Stars!

Derek is usually excellent at highlighting his partners amid theatrical dances, but Bethany seemed like the least important thing here among all the drumming and dancers and fabrics.

Sasha was the most dedicated, hiding in the fridge to freak out everyone who came into the kitchen. I really hope they can pull it together. Even Michael held his own weight, and the beginning in particular was very cool with the group choreography. That said, I felt that this did not compare favorably to team dances of seasons past.