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Anyway, it worked out great! His disdain for the demon named was more than evident.

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Finding his options limited, he pressed on with idle conversation. He zapped in to phase with her and stood, stretching out his winged arms to reveal his full imposing stature She went terribly pale at first and her head began to wobble as though she were seconds from passing out, but then turned and ran He scratched his chin with a talon while he considered what he should do with her.

Those were some good times! They walked on as Necroloogeus spotted a fat man stuffing down hotdogs at a roadside vendor. Necroloogeus simply walked on. Demonicus Misanthropicus A short story by Richard X. All characters, events and locations in this publication, other than those clearly in the public domain, are fictitious and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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He looked more or less like the sculpture that he clung to, except that he was scalier, fuzzier and colored like blood and dirt. Necroloogeus sighed to himself Ellison is a pseudonym. To anyone looking in, the alley would now appear empty and far too creepy to chance entering alone. She seemed to be irredeemably hysterical.

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He began waving his arms like he was a dancer on stage and doing jazz hands Necroloogeus quickened his pace just enough to catch up with the youth ahead of him. He made the man pig go short in a bull market and one of those companies took a billion dollar hit!

That thing he did with the mirage of soldiers in Greece was like The man hopped over on instinct and as he was about to land, Necroloogeus flicked his wrist again, slipping the manhole cover to the side.

Ben Affleck being cast as Batman, that was him too. They attempted to restrain her but she fought them off. He looked like a bi-pedal dragon with stygian black tentacles bleeding acid.

The streets were bustling with activity.

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His face resembled that of Morghoulus, but with a slightly purple hue They spoke to each other telepathically His teeth were like oily needles dripping tar and his eyes mirrored a hellish inferno.

Ellison, All rights reserved. Necroloogeus tapped him on the shoulder as the man took another huge bite. Belial totally nailed that thing! Both hell spawn were shifted just enough out of phase with reality to render them invisible to the naked eye.

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He turned for a moment to see the man still croaking and fighting for air. From taxicabs to bike messengers, pedestrians, delivery people and casual window shoppers They were, after all, cousins.

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Necroloogeus spotted a well-dressed man about to cross the street and simply with a flick of his wrist, raised the level of a puddle on the sidewalk. You know what the little devil did? I heard they were concerned that the band was getting too much press in anticipation of their new lineup so he convinced them to change their sound.

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He turned out of the alley and fell into stride behind a hipster who was bouncing along to the tunes on his music player. Lucifer himself came up and gave the little guy a pat on the head. The messenger was suddenly airborne and flew crashing through the windshield of the Semi-trailer-truck ahead of him.

The moral rights of the author have been asserted.

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A little further on he spied a bike messenger zipping through traffic. Ellison on Facebook http: I was very proud. You know what it is?

It worked though, I mean they alienated a huge chunk of their fan base. Say hell-o to Lamashtu, Xagath and Brevuxk for me. Necroloogeus swallowed the head and then picked up the body before shifting out of phase and dropping the veil of enchantment.

The gobbler began to choke and soon turned blue in the face, dropping to his knees She cried even more and began shouting at them repeatedly. Fifteen seconds later the young lady returned to the alley with two police officers, screaming and pointing at the empty space where Necroloogeus had revealed himself.