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A fine piece of French art glass that would be a perfect gift for someone born in or marrried in that year.

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This clear glass-encased heart-shaped paperweight has a mottled purple and white interior and a copper human figure, with green patina, engraved on its surface. Sincehe has completely devoted his efforts to making lampwork paperweights of the highest quality.

Hall is a very prolific author, collector, and seller of paperweights — not just Scottish paperweights, but all kinds of paperweights. You have one or two men working together, handling the hot liquid glass.

Perthshire Paperweights (Firm)

Game show host flirts with contestant on wheel lot of the people that worked at Caithness had also worked at Strathearn, and then Caithness bought Dating perthshire paperweights scotland, which was another company that made very similar paperweights.

In the s, they began making fine millefiori paperweights, which were characterized by having low, shallow domes and wide bases.

They actually show the furnaces. The cameos within the paperweights frequently are signed on the edge with one or more of the following: Lalique paperweight with stylized black mask.

Did they differ from era to era? Fully Working eCommerce Store for Free Freewebstore allows you to create and manage your very own online shop with a few simple steps.

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The flower is surrounded by a row of small millefiori canes. Not all of them came out red; some of them were pink. Q Ken Rosenfeld Paperweights. John Deacons, who is a dating perthshire paperweights scotland prolific paperweight maker today and has his own little glassworks company, worked for Strathearn at one time, and then he went to work for Perthshire.

Baccarat paperweights have an acid etched seal that includes the words "Baccarat, France" and the outline forms of a goblet, decanter and tumbler. Signed and dated '09 on base.

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Millefiori signed paperweight F. Concentric millefiori mini-piedouche paperweight. His Scottish Paperweights is printed by Schiffer Books for collectors. We also provide a dedicated help website at help.

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I have paperweights that weigh as little as 3 ounces, and I have one Strathearn magnum-type flower paperweight that weighs almost 7 pounds. The central region of the base is frosted glass with the date centrally placed.

It was basically a bunch of Scottish quartz in sand that was layered to form a base with clear glass put over the top so that when you look at it, it sparkles.

Clair came from a family of glass workers and they opened St. As there are over 1.

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They made them in blue, turquoise, and various shades of red. Caithness Glass began in Wick, Scotland in but it was not until that they started producing paperweights.

Once you have chosen your starting design you can start putting your own stamp on your store by editing all aspects of your store. Two intricate yellow Clichy-style roses and one delicate unopened bud rest on a cobalt blue ground.

A lot of these guys would experiment with various types of paperweights to see what designs they could come up with. This is not the same.

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So many companies and individuals made beautiful, striking paperweights. They use what they call millefiori, the little tiny canes inside the paperweight.

Early David Lotton surface design paperweight with several hollyhock? Inhe had a disagreement with the management about the type and quality of paperweights he felt that the company could make, so he left and formed Perthshire, taking a lot of Strathearn workers with him.

There are just tons that I pass by, simply because nobody can afford to buy them all. Crimped crocus pedestal paperweight. Attractive multi-faceted pedestal paperweight with 1 top facet and 2 rows of 5 facets.

A high dome paperweight with a three-dimensional jellyfish with translucent body and flowing tentacles.

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Each of the paperweights would look very much the same. In June ofI bought my first Strathearn. The thing that makes the collecting so fun and exciting is the unknown.

A large cluster of intricate green and white daisy-type millefiore canes is placed on a central cushion of pink and white glass, which are all encased in a crystal dome. Unfortunately, the box rots after a number of years and falls apart, and some of the individual items are lost or broken or they end up getting sold and separated.

His paperweight expertise evolved from a formal art and technical background when he began working with hot glass in Signed, numbered and has paper label. He was the lead artist and gaffer at Perthshire when it closed and he subsequently opened his own studio, where he is designing and making high quality paperweights that are collected worldwide.

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This large sulphide paperweight has a sulphide deer enclosed in a large bubble around which are clusters of small bubbles in a a leaf-shaped design and these are separated by larger controlled bubbles.

They could be miniatures. Attractive butterfly rests on a lavender ground on which rest spaced white canes and a garland of deep pink canes. Check out our Partners page for more info!

Getting Lost in Strathearn Art Glass Paperweights | Collectors Weekly

Has an etched "Joe Zimmerman" signature and also a hot stamped "Z" on its base. These guys, like Robert Hall, spend years on this, and they know an awful lot of the guys in Scotland.

Then they had the P-3, which was a different type of paperweight, and the P-4, which they called an orchid. He never had any association with his father or brothers in their glass working ventures.

Limited edition of 25, made exclusively for L.

Realized price for Perthshire Faceted Double-Overlay Bouquet Paperweight

Over the years Paul had quite a few apprentices that he would take under his wing and train. Ray Banford cherry paperweight.

I have several copies of brochures from the to period. Then they get more liquid glass to go on top of it and they layer it until they get the size that they want. Signed and dated on base.

Butterfly and millefiori paperweight.

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There was a lot of information about them, so more books had been written about those companies than Strathearn and the Ysart family.

Oregon artist Ken Rosenfeld is one of the leaders amongst glassworkers who have defined the art of the paperweight in recent years. ZL Chris Buzzini paperweights. You start collecting one or two items, and then all of a sudden you find another branch that ties in extremely well with your collection, and before you know it, your collection just gets larger and larger.

Did they mark all of the paperweights with names, like EIIR?