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After the game, George leaves for his new job. Stacie sees the pictures, which upsets her, despite George's claiming that it wasn't what it looked like.

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Gerard plays his role in a credible tone as all his co-stars, Jessica is fantastic and gives a very strong performance. The only believable thing about the film was the soccer choreographies which were done really well. Barb is an emotional recently divorced mother, Denise is a former successful TV anchor who offers to help George in achieving his goal, and Patti is a seductive woman who is married to the rich, but manic, Carl Dennis Quaid.

Stacie is living with her fiance, Matt James Tupperand they both agree that George be closer to Lewis. This spurs Lewis into having a fight during a game later on, prompting Lewis to tell his mother that he wants to quit playing football.

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Denise appears to be particularly forward with George, sending him an e-mail telling him that she's thinking of him. What I can say about this film is that despite not being funny it is tolerable. George's soccer career might be over, but he finds quite a local fan base as a coach. There is not much more I can say about this extremely formulaic film.

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The two men begin to fight, which Stacie witnesses. United and the Scotland national teamand is largely seen as a "has been". He's a former soccer star who tries to reconnect with his son, Noah Lomax, and his ex-wife, Jessica Biel. The story was very predictable as are most of your romantic comedies.

Lots of sexual tension.

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George manages to later coax Lewis into playing football in the rain, which both of them find fun. Somehow refreshing to see a comedy that could it go wrong easily and instead was delivered in a classy and delicate manner. Well, at the tail end of his career, he made a film about a has-been who gets a second chance to figure out what really matters.

If you didn't see the end coming in the first 20 minutes, you weren't paying attention. Jessica Biel was the stable force playing the the former wife of the soccer great. During the fight, Lewis's team wins the game. Say it with me.

No wonder this was a box office flop. The lessons he learns are a bit corny, and most of the side characters are pretty one-dimensional, but Gerard's hair is cute and curly and he does have his signature shirtless scene, so it's not all bad.

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He hasn't had the same success in his retirement and has failed in a couple of business enterprises. She initially refuses, but then he meets her at her car and she kisses him. When he discovers that his ex-wife Stacie Jessica Biel is getting married to her boyfriend Matt James TupperGeorge grows despondent.

Special mention to all the secondary characters that played their best with the roles. Jessica Biel's character is the only one with a backbone, but as soon as Gerard starts working his charms, she turns into jelly just like everyone else.

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It is not one of those films that bore you to death; but it is completely predictable and cliche. Despite the interesting cast this film is completely lazy and empty.

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This enrages Stacie and Lewis due to his being late to pick up Lewis again, weakening his relationship with the both of them. In the end, George chooses to stay with Lewis, rather than moving to Connecticut. Meanwhile, Stacie and George begin to reconnect romantically, which causes small rifts in her relationship with Matt.

Dennis Quaid adds extra star power to the cast, playing Uma's clueless husband who just thinks of Gerard as a pal. Honesty is the best attribute to describe this movie; it is never over the top, and it doesn't pretend to be what is not.

Carl then lends George a Ferrari under the implication that he "takes care of his friends", which George uses to drive to see Stacie. Throughout the movie we kept hearing about how exciting and fun George was, but I failed to see it.

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After asking him if he finds her attractive, the two sleep together. I'm not sure if the audience is supposed to think he's a bad dad or if that part of the film is supposed to be heartwarming in an "Aw, he doesn't know what he's doing and neither do I" kind of way, but my thoughts belonged in the former category.

Female members of the audience voiced their approval of him right on cue throughout the movie.

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I guess the lesson of the film is if you have beautiful hair, a charming accent, and a signature shirtless scene, you can get away with anything. She confesses that she's very lonely and has set up a dating profile in order to find a match.

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