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Young America Bulldog small solid frame rimfire revolver Caliber: We knocked it around for a little while and sprayed some targets before moving on to the longer rifle range.

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Polished it up and oiled everything that spins, and it all went back together perfectly. Do a web search for him and maybe something will come up.

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And there i the book Mr Goforth i working on. I could be wrong, this is just what I have heard from some people that I trust.

First model manufactured — designed for black powder cartridge. Compact model available with 8,10, and inch barrel for pre models.

And now it all works, too.

Harrington & Richardson 949 "Forty-Niner" Revolver

Featured a heavy inch barrel of blued steel, an oversized, walnut stock with an accessory rail in the fore end. Here's what it looked like before I did anything Richardson William Richardson's sister. Second model manufactured — designed for modern smokeless powder cartridge.

Pre solid frame revolvers were designed for use with black powder loads. The serial number on mine is He said it was offered to him a consolidating supervisor definitions years ago and it was such a big pile of junk, that he turned it down.

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He couldn't believe it was the same gun. A Walgreens pharmacy now stands at this location. Came with a wooden grip. Available in gauges 10, 12, 16, 20, 28 and in. The Cerberus group is renowned for having run Chrysler into the ground. Produced as the from to in a nickel finish while the was made between to with a blued finish.

The factory grips on this are commonly referred to as "walnut," but they are most definitely stained light wood of some kind, maybe birch.

While we were cleaning up before moving, he told me he was looking to buy a new Ruger "western-style". I am looking for sights for mine any help??.

Harrington & Richardson Pricing & Reference

Younger brother Frank Wesson started his own firearms manufacturing firm insharing an early patent with Nathan Harrington. If you have trouble, you need to see a gunsmith What is the age of a harrington and richardson victor 32 with serial number ?

It couldn't hit anything without the rear sight, and it didn't work very well in double-action.

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What type of action, any other markings, serial number, all would be a start. Is a harrington richardson premier model an antique? It's known as the M-1 Garand. It should be on the shelves within 3 months, or less.

From to this model was listed as Model Note: Gauges 12, 20 available. Second model manufactured — designed for modern smokeless powder cartridge. C Copyright Royal Publications Inc.

Sorry to deliver bad news to you but this is the case with a lot of these old pistols like this.

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New rear sight After I tore it down and completely cleaned, oiled and polished anything that moved, the gun went back together and still exhibited some strange behaviors, centered mostly around the cylinder. Yeah, free guns are always spectacular, but this one was old, and an heirloom and I could use it for teaching my daughters how to shoot someday.

In the company opened a new facility on Park Avenue in Worcester, Massachusetts to respond to customer demand for their products.

Early break-action model with factory pearl grips. I was thrilled that after everything this little gun has gone through, it's come back to life and shoots great.

I bought mine here in Alabama for Discontinued due to lack of parts availability. Rifles[ edit ] All models discontinued. Approximately 3, were manufactured in and Wesson produced his famous two trigger rifles and spur trigger pistols and pocket rifles. The cylinder pin wasn't coming out of the cylinder easily at times, too, so I guess I wasn't finished.

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It will not handle. They got bought out by Marlin inwhich in turn got bought by Remington in Here is is today For something that couldn't hit the broad-side of a barn not that long ago, the refinished and rebuilt '49er shoots very nicely.

Also came in a combo pack with both a standard and rifled barrel. Victor revolvers were made in three frame sizes beginning around and continued to approx. What is a Harrington and Richardson 16 gauge worth?