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But otherwise, we all break out; we all have bad days. The Grease Live star was walked down the aisle by her father Bruce while wearing a custom Marchesa wedding gown, according to the website.

What inspires you the most about your mum?

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I would wake up, walk the dog, make my shake, go to the gym, and that was my routine. We do the same things all the time.

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Her fans are leaving her side too, tells a lot: I hope they never read your freaking horrible comments!!! I cannot choose between the two. It feeds your soul in a way that you might need more.

Everyone is like poor Ian Come on! Yoga changed my life.

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Imagine Nina or Ian reading that??? I hope he moves on to someone more appreciative to the great guy he is.

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I think in the age of social media and the state of the world we live in, being able to just shut up and be with friends who care about you I think is the way that I recharge. She is completely his type of gal. I might be ready for that phase now in my late 20s.

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So much wrinkles around the mouth Truth The hate is getting pathetic guys! She said, "You either have chemistry or you don't, but a lot of what attracts me is a guy's mind and humor and talent. Was it making me happy? The power of saying no to doing things and taking time for yourself.

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I think we have a great friendship in that we both prefer to keep a small number of close friends. But as soon as I get on a plane and go somewhere else and the routine is broken, it kind of puts me in shambles. But with every role that we do, it empowers us to be different people. Like you could very easily be doing stand-up comedy.

Okay, lastly, just a couple of random questions: It reminds me of what you were saying about your mom.

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How full of life she is, how present she is. In addition to returning for Season 5 of The Vampire Diariesshe's charting a new course after the end of her relationship with co-star Ian Somerhalder.

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The other things that I do are yoga and, like we said, going somewhere and turning your phone off or getting on the plane and not getting Wi-Fi. I was terrified during the pilot.

But I tell you to get up and get ready, and usually by the second try, we end up having an adventure of some sort. I'm using a different part of my brain. She opened up to Cosmopolitan magazine in their September issue. Dobrev said, "That's not what our friendship is about.

Yeah, we should definitely.

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If I had the support from someone, I feel like I could do it. Riawna Capri [the hairstylist].

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Yeah, and it gives you abs. I think when I hit 27, my priorities shifted. This was so fun.

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I'm constantly trying to make myself better, to learn more," said the CW star. With a crazy schedule, traveling, and family, what is your fitness routine, and do you incorporate mental wellness and general good health into fitness? That's what friends are for: Even though they went through the same life event around the same time, it's not what brought them together as friends.

The year-old actress made headlines when she and Somerhalder split in May, but she has a great friend in former Dancing with the Stars pro Julianne Hough to lean on. I remember you told me that you would paint your nails every colour the second that you finished for that season.

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