Baby Jogger - Belly Bar City Mini Zip - Baby Jogger - Belly Bar City Mini Zip -

City mini belly bar single people, baby jogger belly bar

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By piffle May 15, Not very useful The seat is too far back for the bar to be useful. You can open the bar easily with one side still hooking as it is rotating. As she sits up, she likes to rest her hands on it while she is peeking out exploring.

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If we attached toys to it our baby could not reach them while seated. The bar is well made and attaches securely, we just did not find it useful.

Baby Jogger Single City Mini Zip Adjustable Belly Bar Details

The height of the bar at the stroller is very nice, my 7 months baby would love to hold this during strolling. We attach a sippy cup strap, and brica cup holder. My only complaint is that this should come standard with the stroller instead of being a separate purchase. It is covered with a durable nylon fabric with foam underneath so it is soft, but the baby can't bite pieces off.

Its a great addition to our stroller!

Baby Jogger Classic Elite Mini Belly Bar Single

By Elle August 26, Real Safe Safety bar Baby jogger stroller itself was very safe but honingwijn mede online dating my baby is yet so small, I bought it just to give an extra safety.

By Perkystone March 28, Belly bar This item worked fine. If we had thought to buy it earlier, it would be good to strap toys on to entertain her. So I think it was a worthwhile purchase. We just moved our little baby to the big girl side of this stroller and this bar is perfect for us to hook toys on to for her to play with and she can hold on to it when we are on bumpy roads or she just wants to grab something solid.

My baby loves to hold onto the belly bar as we roll along, and it keeps his toys within reach.

Product Reviews

By Tai November 12, Perfect toy holder! It just can give you a great extra relief with your baby in the stroller on top of the safety strap. We were able to attach toys for baby. I chose this over the tray attachment because i have a month-old and the location of where the tray would be was at my son's neck.

It's compatible with many models.

Baby Jogger City Mini, Elite,GT, & Summit Single Belly Bar - Free Shipping

I also appreciate that is is adjustable lower or higher so that it will grow with the baby. This bar was the perfect attachment for our Micro. It is really a good buying to me!

I think this is a must have add-on to the City Mini Stroller.

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I switch it out between my city mini and my summit xc. I love how this also folds flat with the stroller when I collapse it.

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Maybe if he was older and taller, the tray would be appropriate but for now, the bar works fine. I imagine as she gets older, we may be able to have her use this with the harness loose.

But soon baby was old enough to hold her own cup and eat snacks so we upgraded to the snack tray. By Kristin February 17, Great addition I highly recommend this if you own baby jogger strollers.

ProsEasy to install, and move Best UsesWith younger babies that do not need the food and drink tray yet!

Baby Jogger City Mini, Elite,GT, & Summit Single Belly Bar

For whatever reason, he seems to not do that so much and he likes to hold on to the bar during our walks or he'll put his foot up on it I don't know why he does this. By Toddlermom May 10, Great to use for other accessories This is a must if you have a thrower.

Before we had the bar, he would grab at random things that we strolled by.