canon g12 review canon g12 review

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You can register different functions to the Front dial, the Control dial, senem latino dating the Shortcut button.

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I was also bowled over by the build quality. But again, what I saw in the car was that lovely gradation of tone and it's there in the shot, too. On the bottom is a familiar metal screw thread for a tripod, and a sliding cover for the compartment that houses the lithium-ion battery needed for power and the SD, SDHC or SDXC cards needed for image storage.

Again, if you are creative with your lighting, the Canon G12 is flexible enough to allow you to be as creative as your imagination lets you. Canon Powershot G12 White-balance test: It further requires use of a tripod, and hence can't be used handheld, because the Canon PowerShot G12 can't microalign the source images before merging.

Why Buy the Canon Powershot G12

Areas of light shade are handled well with noise under control. In each case, the picture and frame were composed so that they just filled the screen before capture. The PowerShot G12 only offers its maximum f2. RAW images contain unprocessed image data direct from the camera's sensor.

Pros Looks and handles really well, yet compact enough to fit in most pockets Full of features, including a real HDR setting Low distortion 5 times zoom lens produces sharp images in most situations Control wheels rather than menus control most things you need when shooting Extremely impressive noise control at low ISO settings Canon Powershot G The G1 X measures about 4.

Second, I'll point out that it's hard to attribute any real difference to any of these even with the bright sticker on the top of the hydrant as our highlight test.

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In the exposure tests above, we also saw that shooting in to the sun created very little flare — the hot spot created by the bright sun was pretty well contained in one bright area, the rest of the shot being free from stray light.

Image Quality Outdoor Scenic Shot 1 This picture sums up perfectly the difference in quality at the higher end of the market.

Google Maps Street View is available today in many U. A depleted battery can be indicated by turning the cover around so the arrow is covered.

Canon g12 review

It's right on the Function menu, too. For the photographer who travels regularly but does not have space for a DSLR, this would be the ideal solution. Right The G12 with radio trigger on hot shoe, 2 flashes lighting a bottle in a light cube. Falling naturally under the thumb at the Canon PowerShot G12's rear is a playback button, to the right of which is a larger button marked with an asterix.

A release button on the front frees the Canon G12's bayonet-mount knurled ring for the adapter that accommodates lenses or filters. Above the thumbwheel are buttons to adjust the AF area and metering modes, while below are buttons to cycle through the display options and enter the main menu system.

Essentially just the innards of an Canon 5D inside a slightly spruced-up body shell, plus a million-pixel sensor and a very cool for video shooting function, the 5D MKII always looked like something of a compromise.

Outdoor Portrait Among the many points I like about the Powershot G12 are the sharpness of the photos it produces and the colours of the shots. The first shot of the bus was really just a setup for the Fisheye effect shot that follows it.

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First, I'll point out that the red blooming we saw just a hint of on the rose is a little more evident here at the edges of the hydrant.

And as with its predecessor, the Canon G12 includes true optical image stabilization to help combat blur from camera shake. Capture video in full HD x resolution; HD x or standard definition x resolutions with stereo sound. Still, the overall effect of the 40 shots I took around the stadium was just what I was looking for.

Build and Design At a quick glance, one would be forgiven for mistaking the G1 X for a G12 — there is a strong family resemblance between these relatively large and boxy rectangular compacts. There are one or two areas where the leap in quality is not as pronounced, but on the whole you get what you pay for with this camera.

The dark interior shots on a rainy day really show off the tonal range of the Canon G12's captures. Curiously, battery life is less impressive than its G11 forebear, at around shots from a full charge rather than Battery Life The official Canon site states that you should get around shots per charge.

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The Lumix LX5 only offers its maximum f2. In HDR, the Canon G12 takes three shots at different exposures I heard different shutter speeds for my still life imagescompositing them in the camera.

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The G Series has also been known for its fast lens and the Canon G12 uses the same glass as the G10 and G11, a 5x mm f2. The back panel holds the Canon G12's 2.

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Verdict The G12 is an impressive camera; one packed with creative modes for the enthusiast yet offers the total manual control to the more experienced used. In our studio, measurements the monitor recorded a nit peak brightness level and a Canon Powershot G12 lens quality: On the whole sharpness is good, but there is not the same clear step up in quality compared to cheaper cameras.

We rated Luminar as "Highly Recommended". A dioptric adjustment sits next to it. That's why this is a confession. As you move out towards the edges there is no discernable loss of focus. I particularly liked how well it held shadow and highlight detail with a smooth distribution of midtones, not to mention natural color.

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The simple solution was to overexpose the interior by kicking the Canon G12's EV up a bit. In fact, there's a menu option to calibrate level for the Canon G The Canon G12's menu system will be familiar to any PowerShot owner with only minor variations reflecting the model's advanced capabilities.

Indoor Portrait Without Flash Like the shot taken with flash this photo has plenty of warm tones to it. The Canon PowerShot G12 feels very well made, with a layout that while busy avoids looking cluttered, and controls that both offer just the right amount of stiffness and resistance.

If you have a captured image displayed on the screen in playback mode, hitting the menu button brings up playback, print setting, and camera setting menus.

Press this when in program or any of the other creative modes and sliding scale of apertures and corresponding shutter speeds appears along the bottom of the screen, scrolled through with the aid of - aptly enough - the scroll wheel surrounding the familiar four-way control pad to the right of the G12's screen.

And the Canon G12 held onto the highlights very nicely, even though the wood has been bleached by the sun for months.

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Outdoor Scenic Shot 2 Even for a camera of this quality zooming right out is a tough test. Powershot G12 Key Features: In most situations where you'd need it, you'll have to use a tripod with HDR.

You also have access to extra controls for fine tuning the colours in your shots. Movie mode options include 1, x at 24 frames per second with x and x both at 30 frames per second. A menu option lets you change all that to suit your preference.

Canon Powershot G12 side by side comparisons

Maximum clip length is 4GB or 29 minutes. I don't know how it eluded my search but it was in plain sight. Anything else can be accessed by pressing the Menu button. Click to download Above This shot of a colourful canvas print produced very faithful results.