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The conveyor system, which transports pig carcasses from one station to another, moves efficiently.

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The consignment will again be inspected for health and identification as they are unloaded into the holding pens. This lower airflow rate affected a small section of the aircraft and may have caused a disruption of temperature in that section of the aircraft. Singapore Airlines Cargo said that it is also investigating the incident.

The farm's workers had been demonstrating since last Tuesday for higher wages, mirroring rising labour tensions across Indonesia over a disparity between robust growth and stagnant wages. Findings indicated that heat stress was the cause of the deaths and there was no sign of infectious disease.

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The remaining lambs are healthy and their meat is suitable for consumption. Pangestu "The farm is the only supplier of live pigs from Indonesia to Singapore, exporting 6, of them a week to the city-state.

Muis "However, a few hours into the flight, one of the three air-conditioning packs on the aircraft produced a slightly lower rate of airflow to the cargo compartment on an intermittent basis.

Initial investigations indicate heat stress was the cause of death. They will subsequently be rested for a day before they are slaughtered on Tuesday 27 Apr 99 morning from 8 am onwards.

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PPD officers will inspect the pigs for health and identification during unloading. The pigs will be auctioned from 10 am onwards. Mini Environment Services "The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority, which was on hand to inspect the 1, animals, began investigations into the incident on site after it was found that had died during the flight.

Vehicles and equipment that come in contact with the chickens are decontaminated.

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The whole place is flooded with fluorescent lighting, giving it the feel of a sterile laboratory. Infectious disease was ruled out as all the other sheep passed quarantine.

Meat of these slaughtered animals is usually distributed to the poor and needy in the community. The floor is kept very clean, sprayed constantly with water.