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Passengers services on the Brocken Railway continued to run from Drei Annen Hohne to Schierke; wafl online dating only two pairs of passenger train pairs ran each day; [2] however they could be used with only a special pass, because Schierke lay in the border zone with West Germany.

Of those, four start and end in Wernigerode. After German reunification the continued operation of the Brocken Railway was initially called into question, however united efforts by railway enthusiasts and politicians under the overall control of the then state Minister for the Economy, Horst Rehbergerhelped to give the Brocken Railway a second chance.

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The first section of the Brocken Railway, from Drei Annen Hohne to Schierke, was opened on 20 June and construction work for the remaining section up to the Brocken was begun on 4 October Enter your email address and we'll send you a link to reset your password Email Email Address format is not valid.

The location of the former sidings at Eckerloch station can still be easily seen. Current operations[ edit ] Up to six pairs of trains run daily to the top of the Brocken during the winter.

Initially services to the Brocken only ran between 30 April to 15 October; during the winter trains terminated at Schierke station. Next the m high mountain, brockenbahn harzflirt Wurmbergbrockenbahn harzflirt on the left, and the train crosses the Brocken Road for the first time.

Up to that time the trains transported coaloil and building materials up the mountain for the East German Border Troops and Soviet soldiers who were stationed there.

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A railway station at Eckerloch was also built for the championships which was closed again after they had ended. Have trouble remembering your Agoda password?

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Goods trains continued to work the Brocken Railway right up toalthough since the construction of the Berlin Wall on 13 August the Brocken and its station had been part of the out-of-bounds area and thus not accessible to the public.

The section to the Brocken was only reopened, therefore, in The line then runs for some distance along the valley of the Cold Bodewhich lies south and far below the line. Only after the German winter sports championships inwhich took place in Schierke, did winter trains run up to the Brocken summit.

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Harzquer-& Brockenbahn - Viewcard

Please sign in so we know where to send the reply Email Email Address format is not valid. It then heads west to Schierke station mwhere untilthere was a siding to Knaupsholz granite quarry at about the half-way point.

Please check that you have typed both passwords correctly. The steam trains on the Brocken Railway have become popular with thousands of tourists every year, offering convenient access to the top of the Brocken.

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Confirm new password Password is required. The trains were headed by locomotive no. A resubmission in succeeded, however, and, on 30 Maythe construction permit was issued once Prince Otto of Stolberg-Wernigerode had allocated the requisite land. Your password must be at least 8 characters long.

The German Armed Forces Bundeswehr was also involved, because the Brocken Railway was needed to haul away the obsolete, military facilities on the Brocken. During the summer, services are increased to eleven pairs of trains daily. After a tight left hand bend before the Eckerloch Bridge and another right-hander, the line reaches Goetheweg station mwhich is now only used as a locomotive depot.

We are currently experiencing technical difficulties. At the end of the Second World War significant damage occurred to the track, mainly through bombs and grenades, in the course of fighting in the Harz, which had been declared a fortress.

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The passwords you provided do not match. Please check your email. The Brocken Railway is the only HSB line whose regular services are exclusively hauled by steam locomotives specials are also hauled by diesel railbuses and diesel engines of Class Login with Facebook now and you'll never have to or We are currently experiencing technical difficulties.