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Combining fantasy, sci-fi, action, comedy and drama, it's a happy mix of everything every anime genre has to offer, all packed into 26 episodes.

The English dub made several changes in the character's lines, [e. However, there are still some confusing points in the series and even as a fan, I found it hard to follow especially at the last few episodes. A more prominent flaw, however, is the deus ex machina ending.

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The action shots are tense and speedy, with no repeated cells to make a one-minute fight last five minutes. Brigadoon's first few episodes makes it look like your run-of-the-mill, monster-of-the-day anime. I actually have to cover half of the freaking monitor with my hands to make Melan look normal!

First deiz dating sim younger sister quotes foremost, Brigadoon's story is not something you can appreciate by watching the first 5 or 10 episodes and then jumping to the last episode.

It constantly reminds you that Melan is a huge bulk of steel and alien flesh you shouldn't mess with.

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There were a few bad sequences in the Submaton Color episode [which was the best in the series], and it irritates me to no end that Melan's first smile in the entire series was drawn by a retard.

What DOES bother me is how the animation tended to screw up at the worst possible moments. When it finally does, Marin's brattiness stops and Melan's slam-bang kick-assery begins.

Most people will be uncomfortable with a romantic pairing between a year old heroine and a much older-looking hero, and may decide not to even give the series a chance.

Tony Oliver's voice is decent enough, but for a killing machine like Melan its too soft and low, like a whisper that's JUST barely audible. Marin and Melan's kiss on episode 26 requires the past 25 episodes to explain; save my keyboard the trouble and just watch all of it.

I've watched the series over three times already, and although I am aware of the series' flaws, it has not stopped me from enjoying it. But more importantly, it's not worth missing out on Melan's Japanese voice. The most intimate thing that ever happened between Marin and Melan in the entire series was a goddamn kiss, and half the time Melan didn't know what a kiss was to begin with.

Brigadoon: Marin to Melan

Ahh, let me see This is a sad mistake. It shouldn't be a hindrance from enjoying an otherwise brilliant series. Thankfully, it changes its mind and the pace picks up after three episodes. It's emotionless and solid, with a metallic twinge that fits his alien character unquestionably.

However, I've noticed that most people dislike Marin's character design; She's supposed to be 13 but she looks everything under 9. Second, Brigadoon is not for the faint of heart. I don't know, but when Melan gets into a huge catfight involving guns and swords and his voice suddenly reminds me of golf, it kinda ruins the moment.

What happened?

This provides strong contrast to the catchy ending theme, "Nijiiro no Takaramono", sung by the actress who voices Marin herself. The fighting sequels were superb. Brigadoon, I am happy to report, does not suffer the cliches usually associated with certain anime categories or genres. Somewhat like a commentator for a golf show.

There's Uncle Onando, who never says anything and just keeps throwing peace signs whenever he's onscreen.

That, my dear kiddies, is "cliche". I'm pretty sure something's wrong with them Anyway, that doesn't bother me. It DOES have fanservice, but the pantyshots were far in-between and mostly for humor. But I like him, and I don't know why.

It simply doesn't belong to any. I want to go on, but I can't think of any other words to describe it.

Brigadoon Marin to Melan

Though it has more than a dozen characters and only 26 episodes, Brigadoon manages to provide enough 'camera time' for most of them. Enjoyment 10 Most anime series can be neatly categorized into some kind of cliche-ridden group or another: Most tracks were Celtic-themed acapella singing, balanced by bouncy instrumental tracks and a fun closing theme.

Despite all the action and the blood and the killing, Brigadoon is, deep down, a love story, brilliant and intricately built over a span of 26 episodes. It's very abrupt, a little too convenient, and leaves so many unanswered questions that I can't help but wonder if the makers originally had a sequel in mind.

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The character designs for the monomakias were excellent, notably Melan's and Kushatohn's. Just think of the English dub as parody dub, then forget it exists and watch the subbed version instead.

The acapella rendition of the opening song, "Kaze no Ao, Umi no Midori" is powerful and heart-wrenching. It's a pretty obscure anime and it's a pity people have not enjoyed it simply because they don't know the series exists.

Explaining the motives of the Hensu-chi alone should take more episodes, considering that this is not the first time Brigadoon and earth almost ended because of the Hensu-chi.

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Now that we've got that out of the way, on to the review: I hate it with all my heart. I found Brigadoon's soundtrack haunting and enjoyable, but I'd admit it's not for everyone.

Melan's "duty" is heavily fueled by events from Brigadoon's past, but the series manages to avoid too much flashbacks by letting Lolo narrate Brigadoon's backstory little by little. Not enough time for character development per se, but enough for the viewer to grow familiar with and develop empathy towards them.