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From Weezer to, um, Weezer, Rivers Cuomo has taken us on one sad, hilarious journey

Follow reddiquette at all times. This is one of the greatest rock albums of all time, at least in my opinion. That something was raw, untainted emotion.

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The Gregory Brothers solicited musical and vocal contributions from the band on one of its compositions built around speeches by Rep. As much as I looooooooove Pinkerton, it just isn't as perfect of an album as the Blue Album is On December 18,Cuomo released Alone - The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomoa compilation of his demos recorded from toincluding some demos from the unfinished Songs from the Black Hole album.

Where most bands beloved for their first few albums typically fade into passive disinterest when their music starts to yield diminishing marginal returns, Weezer somehow courted active malice. During their tour that summer, Welsh fell ill and was replaced by Scott Shrineralso of the band Broken.

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“The Red Album” (2008)

Best weezer album yahoo dating some might rank this album even lower than Hurley, I decided to give Red the slight edge due to one simple factor: No other album I've ever listened to was written with such raw passion and emotion. Say it ain't So, and Buddy Holly.

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Yet Cuomo deserves considerable credit for nevertheless persisting in his journey to discern musical right from wrong. Particularly on the songs where the non-Cuomo members take lead, Weezer stumble below vapid camp — they sound like the least essential incarnations of over a dozen musical styles.

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The guitars much of the time sound disjointed and sloppy, Rivers' vocal performances can fly off the hinges here and there, and some of the chord progressions don't always follow common patterns and norms.

Pranav Trewn PTrewn November 9, - Weezer 'The Blue Album' Yup.

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Just six years after placing it in the top three worst albums of its release year, Rolling Stone readers named Pinkerton the 16th best album of all time. A digital EP featuring the songs, titled "Christmas with Weezer", was also released on December 16, The Pinkerton Yearson December 12, However you dissect it, Blue is the objectively better record.

Or would it instead be cast aside as much of modern Weezer has as uninspired, rote three-chord pop relative to the more discordant, challenging Pinkerton? The following month, "Beach Boys" was released, and the month after, they released "Weekend Woman" to positive reception.

Often times, it is.

All Weezer Albums, Ranked Best to Worst by Indie Rock Fans

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The first night shows were dedicated to playing their hits, then the Blue album in full, front to back. Alas, the scars of an entire audience rejecting your wounded confessional were too great to look past. The band explores territory unmatched by any previous and future albums as Bell, Shriner, and Wilson all take their turns in fantastic compositions as lead singer.

It is an absolute masterpiece. The band has announced the possible release of a live DVD composed of footage from the Japan tour. This is much better than maladroit 8 Hurley Good album, but Music that Cuomo wanted "to be active and more free on stage and him having guitar on was an impediment.

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During high school, he had played with a number of metal bands, but once he arrived in college, he became interested in alternative and post-punk music. Former bassist Matt Sharp started the Rentals in Three days before the band began recording their debut with producer Ric Ocasekthey added guitarist Brian Bell.

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Coming off of the "embarrassing" experiment that was Pinkerton Rivers' own wordsWeezer seemed to take every precaution in order to assure the Green Album was perfectly polished and devoid of any grit or emotion.

In Novemberthe band played two club shows with a substitute drummer in California under the name Goat Punishment, consisting entirely of covers of Nirvana and Oasis songs. The record was described as "experimental", and according to Cuomo, who claimed it at the time to be Weezer's "boldest and bravest and showiest album," [58] included longer and non-traditional songs, TR drum machinessynthesizers, Southern rapbaroque counterpointand band members other than Cuomo writing, singing, and switching instruments.

Rivers had a depressing year previous to this album which really comes through everything on the albums. Jorge Garciathe actor who portrayed Hurley, stated that being featured on the album cover is "one of the biggest honors of [his] career. Now is this album experimental? On May 30,the Toledo Free Press revealed in an interview with Scott Shriner that Weezer would be unveiling the "Hootenanny Tour", in which fans would be invited to bring their own instruments to play along with the band.

Weezer released its much-delayed first DVD on March 23, Cuomo claimed in an interview with Zane Lowethat the band was not working on a new album. V 29 Comments 3 Maladroit This album is sick! Beyond this effort though, the second half of the record actually features three tracks "Thought I Knew," "Cold Dark World," and "Automatic" that are written and performed by members of Weezer who are not named Rivers Cuomo.

In Mayhe released his fourth record with the Special Goodness, entitled Natural.

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Cuomo, as the recipient of the most damning criticism for an album that was ultimately wholeheartedly embraced, may as well have dismissed all our fickle reactions to his music and continued on whatever path he damn well pleased.

In Januarythe band started to record its ninth studio album with producer Ric Ocasek, who previously worked with the band on its first two self-titled albums. The shows started with a greatest hits sets followed by the albums played in their entirety.

But against the odds, they stick the landing — Weezer in have just figured out how to make their unfocused, bombastic music compulsively listenable.

Ranking: Every Weezer Album from Worst to Best | Consequence of Sound

Cuomo suffered three broken ribs, and his assistant broke two ribs. They returned to live shows in Juneplaying small unpromoted concerts under the name Goat Punishment.

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Largely built on old accumulated song fragments catalogued meticulously on Google Sheets and helmed by Raditude-producer Butch Walker, Pacific Daydream should have been an unfocused, bombastic mess.

You can select your flair beneath your link after posting. Grudgingly, the remainder of the band contented themselves to be a supporting group for Cuomolargely because each member had their own solo project scheduled for release within the next year. His wife, baby daughter, and their nanny were also on the bus; however, they escaped injury.

That was the Weezer brand sinking to Nickelback levels, but worse because the hate was coming from their own fans. Weezer is certified quadruple platinum in the United States, making it Weezer's best-selling album.


His wife, baby daughter, and their nanny were also on the bus, but they escaped injury. When they finally regrouped 4 years later, Weezer decided to construct an album that seemed to reject everything that made up their previous effort.

The most insidious part might be just how catchy Cuomo makes the damn thing, but that repetition playing in your head ultimately provides more time to properly hear how hollow these songs ring.

Shortly after the release, Weezer went on another American tour. The people who cut it off at Pinkerton do it because it is a masterpiece that will never be duplicated and it drained all the emotion from Rivers so that he stopped writing true meaningful music.

Also, this album is times better if you dance naked while listening to it. Pacific Daydream Why? After releasing Return of the Rentals inSharp went on to quit Weezer in to focus more on the Rentals.

None of it works.