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There is no guarantee that any forecast made will come to pass. Risk of investment Returns to investors will vary from year to year, depending on dividend income and capital returns generated by the underlying financial assets. Emerging market currencies may be subject to volatile price movements.

Because of that each person should, before acting on any such information, consider its appropriateness, having regard to their objectives, financial situation and needs.

Bentham Global Income Fund. In addition, emerging markets may be subject to increased political, regulatory and economic instability, less developed custody and settlement practices, poor transparency and greater financial risks.

Investment strategy The Fund is actively managed and focused on generating stable investment income by providing a diversified exposure to domestic and global credit markets.

Neither Fidante Partners nor a Fidante Partners related company and our respective employees receive any specific remuneration for any advice provided to you. These documents together with the annual report, semi-annual report and the articles of incorporation for the Luxembourg domiciled products are available free of charge upon request from JPMorgan Asset Management Europe S.

Registered in England No. It should be noted that the value of investments and the income from them may fluctuate in accordance with market conditions and taxation agreements and investors may not get back the full amount invested.

Past performance and yield are not a reliable indicator of current and future results. The value of equity securities may go down as well as up in response to the performance of individual companies and general market conditions.

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Asset-backed and mortgage-backed securities may be highly illiquid, subject to adverse changes to interest rates and to the risk that the payment obligations relating to the underlying asset are not met.

Benchmark refers to the Fund benchmark. Bentham Asset Management, some or all of Fidante Partners related companies and directors of those companies may benefit from fees, commissions and other benefits received by another group company.

Morgan Asset Management regional contact. They may be subject to change without reference or notification to you.

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Furthermore, whilst it is the intention to achieve the investment objective of the investment products, there can be no assurance that those objectives will be met.

The currency hedging that may be used to minimise the effect of currency fluctuations may not always be successful. Contingent Convertible Securities are likely to be adversely impacted should specific trigger events occur as specified in the contract terms of the issuing company.

This is because a small movement in the value of the underlying asset can cause a large movement in the value of the financial derivative instrument and therefore, investment in such instruments may result in losses in excess of the amount invested by the Fund.

Prior to any application investors are advised to take all necessary legal, regulatory and tax advice on the consequences of an investment in the products. Any forecasts, figures, opinions, statements of financial market trends or investment techniques and strategies expressed are, unless otherwise stated, J.

The credit worthiness of unrated debt securities is not measured by reference to an independent credit rating agency. As the product may not be authorized or its offering may be restricted in your jurisdiction, it is the responsibility of every reader to satisfy himself as to the full observance of the laws and regulations of the relevant jurisdiction.

However, financial advisers including some Fidante Partners related companies may receive fees or commissions if they provide advice to you or arrange for you to invest in the Fund.

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The value of financial derivative instruments can be volatile. The Fund aims to outperform its composite benchmark over the suggested minimum timeframe.

Issuers of debt securities may fail to meet payment obligations or the credit rating of debt securities may be downgraded.

The value of debt securities may change significantly depending on economic and interest rate conditions as well as the credit worthiness of the issuer.

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Changes in exchange rates may have an adverse effect on the value, price or income of the products or underlying overseas investments. Capital returns may be negative in some years and dividends are not guaranteed. Personal data will be collected, stored and processed by J.

Shares or other interests may not be offered to, or purchased, directly or indirectly by US persons. Each person should obtain a Product Disclosure Statement PDS relating to the product and consider that Statement before making any decision about the product.

These risks are typically increased for emerging market and below investment grade debt securities. Movements in currency exchange rates can adversely affect the return of your investment. To the extent permitted by applicable law, we may record telephone calls and monitor electronic communications to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations and internal policies.

Investments in REITs may be subject to increased liquidity risk and price volatility due to changes in economic conditions and interest rates. It should be regarded as general information only rather than advice.