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But the news from Lab 42 wasn't all bad.


Independent variables are the factors we manipulated. Some people might think it's the pinnacle kebu rendez vous datingsite rudeness to end a romantic relationship using Facebook or email, but they're probably going to have to get used to it.

By flirting, we mean gleaming our internal light through our words and deeds in such a way that people are attracted to us irresistibly.

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On the other hand, Belinda Luscombe shows her concerns with the real dangers associated with marriage flirting. The practice has become ubiquitous enough among young people that the Boston Public Health Commission even organized a class aimed at discouraging adolescents from breaking up over Facebookemail and text.

Therefore, flirting is a curse rather than a boon in marriage life.

Belinda Luscombe

Flirting seems to be a natural gift that God has given us. People do flirting not to make profit or to make something, but to add meaning to their lives, and feel rejuvenated.

Basically, Luscombe is saying that flirting with opposite sex other than your loved one can rejuvenate the relationship. Facebook was also seen to be the most popular way to contact prospective dates. Every person who flirt thinks that there is nothing wrong in flirting.

This feeling of insecurity and jealousy can make your spouse to feel more passionate, and closer to you, which eventually leads to an unshaken connection.

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Luscombe writes, "People are less likely to lie, or put up a horribly inaccurate photograph on their Facebook profiles, because their friends will call them out.

Life is nugatory without flirting.


Facebook appears to be the big winner in terms of making connections with the people you like-like online. It is not difficult to smile at strangers Secondly, flirting helps in making relationship bond more secure, and firm.

For instance, it is often hard for any spouse to watch their partner advancing to opposite sex with emotional or romantic intentions.

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For instance, if you flirt with someone else other than your partner, then your mate feels more insecure and jealous. Consequently, they feel relaxed and refreshing. Basically, Luscombe is emphasizing that something done even for fun can have an adverse affect on the marriage, and eventually leads to the catastrophic breakdown of marriage.

First, it is a natural way through which people express their happiness and emotions without asking for anything in return. The studay found that 33 percent of respondents had broken up with a significant other via text message, email or Facebook; 40 percent they would conceivably do so.

Facebook Relationships: Study Shows Who's Flirting, Dating And Breaking Up Online (INFOGRAPHIC)

Having said that, people should realize that flirting is a natural gift that has been bestowed upon us by nature. Twenty-four percent of respondents said they would get in touch on Facebook.

Relationships that rely heavily on technology to flourish -- 38 percent of couples exchange 22 text messages a day -- also rely heavily on technology to dissolve. The author, Belinda Luscombe, wrote that Facebook eliminates the blind date aspect inherent in most designated online dating services because Facebook users' networks tend to be made up of friends and friends' friends, that is, people they know or may already know.

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The greatest fear which both men and women face in marriage flirting is that ingenious flirtations moves, even by one partner leads to serious consequences like betrayal, and sometimes divorce.

Although, it seems that flirting is natural, and there is no harm in doing it, but really there is a danger with married flirting.

Works Cited Luscombe, Belinda. Moreover, people do it only to make them more noticeable, and more tempting. Belinda Luscombe seems to propose many reasons which make us believe that there is nothing wrong in doing flirting.

When participants were asked what they do after meeting someone who piques their interest, 57 percent said they'd friend that person on Facebook.

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Luscombe is insisting that people do flirting just to have some fun, and to make themselves more enthusiastic, and energetic. Compare that to the 16 percent who said they call, 11 percent who text or 5 percent who email. To find out more about how technology is changing the way we relate romantically to one another check out Lab42's infographic below.

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