Banalingas from the Narmadanadi Banalingas from the Narmadanadi

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Among the several varieties of linga, Bana-linga is said to be the most sacred and its worship most effective. On the other hand, the lingas worshipped in households are neither installed at one place, nor consecrated once and for all time.

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Banalinga is also called the Svayambhu Linga: Banalingas from the River Narmada To view some of the texts herein you will need Balaram, Avanti and Sanskrit Times FONTS on your system In the Padma Purana Lord Banalinga online dating declares the greatness of salagrama sila as follows; mallinga kotibhi drsthi yad phalam pujiti salagrama sila yamtu ekasyam iva tad bhaved "The merit obtained by seeing and worshipping hundreds banalinga online dating thousands of My Lingams, is equivalent to that obtained by worshipping one single salagrama sila.

The moon-white stones naturally obtained in the river Narmada, answering to these forms may have been called bana-lingas on this account, quite independent of the legend concerning the asura named Bana.

This marks the completion of the ritual. Further, a sighting of the Narmada River is considered equivalent to a bath in the Ganges.

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It will banalinga online dating worldly prosperity as well as modernismo americano yahoo dating liberation from all phenomenal ills. A large Banalinga recovered from Saraswati river at Andul in mids [1].

Better than the rock-crystal-lingas are the lingas carved in lotus-hued ruby padma-ragaand better than the latter are those made of saffron kashmira ; and increasing in merit in succession are the lingas made out of topaz pushya-ragasapphire indra-nilaHimalayan gem gomedacoral vidrumapearl mauktikasilver rajatagold hairanyadiamond hirakamercury paradaand bana-linga.

They may be honey-coloured, white, blue or emerald-hued passage quoted earlier.

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The householder must never worship the bana-linga, which are extremely small or unusually fat. According to Kedara-khanda, the rough surfaced bana-linga must not be worshipped; for its worship may lead to death of son and spouse.

Its worship will secure prosperity. With regard to the lingas of all varieties except bana-linga, bigger the size the greater the acceptability as it is also the case with rudraksha beads, which are sacred to Siva.

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These are entirely absent in the mobile lingas worshipped in a household. The lingas of the divya, purana and svayambhu varieties are considered best uttamathe lingas of the asura and arsha varieties are of middling quality madhyamaand the lingas of the manusha variety inferior adhama.

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Yoga-sara, which is in the nature of a dialogue between Siva and Parvati, contains not only a dhyana for Siva in the form of a bana-linga but also a long stava hymnology eulogizing the bana-linga. According to Matsya-purana Chap. The site boasts a daily traffic of beauties that come to the site to look for compatible and loving men for love, romance, friendships and casual dating.

The Ramayanathe Mahabharata and Puranas refer to it frequently. Here bana is the name of Siva himself, and he is associated with his feminine counterpart, Sakti. However, the bana-lingas are always associated with the Narmada river, so much so that a synonym of bana-linga is Narmada-linga.

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I have posted dozens of posts showing presence of Shivling and other Hindu God's all over the world. Even merely thinking about a bana-linga early in the morning is likely to bestow success in all enterprises.

The lingas are classified into six varieties, depending on how they came into existence: There is a story narrated in Aparajita-pariprchchhaabout the origin of the bana-lingas and their association with the Narmada river. As a free dating site, Balinese Dating is committed to helping Bali singles to meet their dream partners in an upbeat, safe and confidential environment.

The worship of bana-lingas is calculated to burn up our transmigrational involvement. Bana-lingas are in this regard similar to salagramas.

The Varuna-linga will be round in shape, and may be distinguished by the marks of noose pasa.

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This is true of all other varieties of lingas, excepting bana-linga. Among the lingas that are worshipped, there is a hierarchy in terms of worship mentioned in Meru-tantra 6th prakasa.

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It is a smooth ellipsoid stone. The import of the legend is that the bana-lingas are self-manifest forms of Siva, and that they are therefore holier than any other anionic forms of Siva. The Nilakantha-linga is elongated in shape, and is pure white in colour, with a black dot in it.

But those ascetics whose only concern is emancipation may worship bana-lingas, which are tawny in colour or dark, and of any size. Yoga-sara, chapter 5 Even the rasa-linga requires to be duly installed and consecrated without which techniques of empowerment samskara its effectiveness may not be assured.

It is the considered view of many researchers and geologists that the unique composition of the Narmadha Shivalingas was due to the impregnation of its rocky river-sides and the rocks in the river bed.

Bana, despite all the details of the story, was a great devotee of Siva, and Siva gave him his own representative in the form of a natural linga of worship banrchartham krtam lingam ; hence the name Bana-linga.

The demon Bana was the eldest of the hundred sons of Bali, who in turn was the son of Virochana and grandson of Prahlad son of Hiranyakasipu and devotee of Narasimha.

One of the methods is to weigh the bana-linga against grains of rice, three, five or seven times. Banalinga, a stone found in nature, in the bed of the Narmada river in Madhya Pradesh state, Indiais an iconic symbol of worship, based on either the scriptures or cultural traditions among the Hindusparticularly of the Shaivaites and Smartha Brahmins.

We also read in other texts that the best of bana-lingas must be four angulas in height, when fixed on a pedestal; half of that height would be inferior. We have a human catalogue of some of the most eligible single men from across the globe looking for you. The latter variety of lingas is what we find in temples, duly installed, consecrated and elabourately worshipped by professional priests.

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