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The US and its allies freezing all assets, Venezuela around the world, in addition to several sanctions were imposed on our government, in an effort to damage our economy and cause a riot that would overthrow President Maduro.

PDVSA, oil Venezuela has signed a multi-year contract with one flirtende fraudulent the Asian countries we would not like to mention right now.

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To be clear, we will demand from a country that can resist the US and refuse to return this money if asked to do so. We hired several consultants and almost all to the same conclusion.

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Please reply only to this email address mooreq. A citizen of Russia, will play an important and decisive role in the success of a business transaction.

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My principles would be to stay and remain unknown throughout the life of the business because of their position in the government of Venezuela. If this proposal is acceptable to you, please reply as soon as possible and you will be provided in more detail.

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Once we agree to work together, the money is transferred to any bank account that you specify for this transaction. To this end, we offer you the opportunity to receive this money on our behalf as a means of investment for your project. We sincerely hope that its more-top confidence in you will be mutually beneficial for both parties in maintaining a strong business relationship.

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Although we do not assume that, however, we will not take unnecessary risks. Their conclusion is the registration of a deal in Russia or China because of their alleged role in world politics.

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This amount has been accumulated for 5 years, and due to the political situation in Venezuela my principles are being asked for this money as a deterrent, some of the political consequences of economic sabotage were mainly sponsored and organized by the US government in their desire to overthrow President Nicholas Maduro's government.

You came to us recommended as ideal for this business by an international consultant we both share, and who honesty and trust is the second no.

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The purpose of this letter is to create an investment business relationship with you primarily because you came to us very recommended, and secondly, because you are in Russia.

Therefore, we are actively involved in finding ways to direct funds without being seen or captured by the US, and in your country Russians are certainly a reasonable route after careful consultations.

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