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There are over a million pages of newspapers, journals and magazines here, mostly browseable by date and title. British Newspaper Archives The website has been redesigned, and all newspapers are now included in the Periodicals collection.

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Full text searching and page image results. Finnish Historical Newspapers — Free to search, but there is a fee for viewing actual pages though a bit of the content can be accessed at no charge.

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Saoirse, Irish Freedom Newspaper Koninklijke Bibliotheek Utrechts Nieuwsbladis another free Dutch newspaper archive. Fitzrovia Community Newspaper Archivepresent. Der Speigelthe German weekly magazine, has free, full-image, full text archives dating back to Thousands of pages are added each day.

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The Leeuwarder Courant in Dutch. As far as I know, a recent — and incredible — addition of hundreds of newspapers to online Netherlands archives, including Dutch colonies in Indonesia, Antilles, Suriname and elsewhere.

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Most are scanned from microfilm into archive newspapers free uk datinggif or similar graphic formats and many of the graphic archives have been indexed into searchable text databases utilizing optical character recognition OCR technology.

Villanova University Digital Library. It's a subscription site, with exemplary searching and filtering tools and helpful guides. The website is also well polished in that one can make refined searches, as now one can make full text searches.

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Looks to be a rich archive of this major Italian daily, with full-text search. In German, appears madrid girls dating be a rich collection with full text search.

The search and presentation tools are a model of their kind. Family notices, obituaries, news articles, illustrations, advertisements and letters. It is the digital library par excellence.

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For instance, some UK public libraries subscribe to The Times Digital Archive and any member of one of these libraries is able to access this resource free from their home computer using their library card number.

An alternative write-up at Quezi. Last Chance to Read Searchable, if you happen to know Finnish.

Some of these papers date back to The focus is on regionals as opposed to nationals, and titles which have not been digitised and made commercially available elsewhere. Only the historical titles can be viewed online, but do note that the British Library holds most of the digitised titles on microfilm for access in our reading room.

Newspaper archives from assorted German exile communities. All six journals are segmented to article level, and can be downloaded freely. Older newspapers are still in image format, and newer newspapers are available as full text that can be cut and pasted.

Dates of coverage are not well described. Paper Archive Paper archive The Daily Star paper archive is a fully searchable database of the newspaper.

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This is a subscription service, but well worth it. Here you can view, download and print pages from Daily Star newspaper dating back to Welsh Newspapers Online Welsh Newspapers Online is a free online resource from the National Library of Wales which currently lets you search and access overpages or 6.

This ensures that anyone can find any kind of information from any year at any time.

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There has been a lot of criticism on the search interface as one is not able to identify where the search items are located exactly. This is a cool collection, and includes the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society. German Historical Newspapers The growing collection of newspaper archives from Germany is a mixed bag, with only a few resources providing full-text search, and the rest, browseable by date.

The ukpressonline database is a spectacular resource for historians, publishers and the public — anyone who wants to explore history as seen by the reporters and commentators who were there.

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Built upon an earlier newspaper digitisation project between the Library and JISC, there are currently just under 7. Nineteenth Century Serials Edition ncse King's College's the Nineteenth-Century Serials Edition is a free, online edition of six nineteenth-century periodicals and newspapers.

If anyone can email a good description of this site to me, it would be much appreciated. The Burney Collection, 17th and 18th centuriesis also from the British Library.

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The site has a constant plan to keep on growing as more newspapers are been scanned. There is a plan to scan over 10 million newspapers over the next 10 years meaning that it will make a very reliable source of information in the near future. Date coverage is poorly described quelle surprise!