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Aom sucharat manaying dating after divorce. Aom sushar manaying () - mydramalist

Or if possible could u make a movie here in the Philippines?

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Sep 19 5: Hope to meet u person one day. I hope ul get to read this message I certainly aom sucharat manaying dating after divorce want to see her in person.

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Apr 18 A fan from Canada Mar 28 2: Jun 12 To those who really love Aom Sushar, I hope you guys would not give up on supporting her. If theirs any instance that you could read this message, i hope you could consider visiting your fans here in the Philippines you'll surely love the crowd.

I totally like you'r style especially you'r hair I love the way u do P'Aom Apr 20 6: Wish you all the very best operadores booleanos yahoo dating everything Take care Aom and God bless: I wish you all the best for your future: I am waiting for yr next work I want to marry you.

I set your photo as my wallpaper in my mobile phone, my fb profile, my IG profile cz it make me happy when i start to pl it Aom is really a very talented actress that every time I watched her movies I always got addicted to it, especially Yes or No.

Apr 08 6: I really want to meet you I will be highly grateful to u if u reply to my msg via e-mail. I wish one day u will visit Cambodia. I really like you!! Aug 05 Oct 18 That would be great.

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I used to comment on yr photos in IG and i am waiting for yr cmt back I never feel bored to watch your movie, short film, songs or anything related to u again and agian. I'm dying to do so!

And i also hope i could met you in person.

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I like yr styleYr acting in your drama even though behind the screen. You and Tina are perfect match together I've seen her first in her movie Yes or No and I was so engrossed in it that even after watching it over and over again I'm still addicted to it.

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And I'm also hoping that I could meet u in person! You are my motivation because i'm dying to see you personally and for me to do that i need to earn money and be successful to go in thailand, its very expensive to go there.

Never thought that somebody as beautiful as u could ever exist in this world But i'll do it, anyway. Thank you AOM for being an inspiration Even if I could never ever meet her, though I'm still hoping, but as one of her fans and I do really admire and love her, all I wanted is her happiness.

I totally am in love with full house much more then the korean Nov 03 7: Jun 20 1: Jul 06 1: I hope you can read this.

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Upon watching Yes or NO by curiosity, i became an instant fan of hers and started following her career, thanks to eng sub and im really hooked on her.

Please try to consider visiting your fans here in the Philippines you'll surely love the crowd.

Aom Sushar Manaying

I'm one of those fans who really wanted to see her again with Tina, since I'm TIAOM forever, but I hope that whatever decision that Aom will make in her life or on her career, It may not be what we expected or wanted for her, but Aom has every right to make a decision for herself as long as it makes her happy, I hope we could continue to support her guys.

Jan 13 2: I'm from Cebu, Philippines and even though it seems so impossible I'm really hoping to see her one day.

I want to say that I really support your work. In my eyes shes the cutest of them all and i really enjoy watching her movies, series and short flims. You'r soooo cute and innocent TiAom will always be a perfect couple