ANTM Cycle 20 Guys and Girls - Bing images ANTM Cycle 20 Guys and Girls - Bing images

Antm cycle 20 marvin and renee dating divas, *spoilers* antm cycle 20: makeovers

Renee Bhagwandeen Tyra thought the contestants in ANTM to show neck and Renee give more of it here plus a twisted body makes this a best shot of her.

I am sharing anything I like to share. ANTM, The Voice

Magical field couture Episode 11 photo shoot: Jiana Davis and Marvin Cortes At the initial stage of the competition Jiana does well in the photo shoot and she slowly fades and then got eliminated. Rice paddy couture Episode 14 photo shoot: Indicates the contestant won the competition.

Indicates the contestant was in the bottom two that week.

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Hanging upside-down with bats Episode 15 photo shoots: Animorphs with endangered animals Episode 13 photo shoot: Masquerade fashion show casting Episode 2 photo shoot: Jiana Davis and Chris Hernandez I love the facial expression of Jiana and Chris here it exudes sexiness the only wrong with this shot is the arm placing of Jiana.

Nina Burns Nina looks like the snake here and how the snake form and their movement Nina gives her take on it.

Photo shoot guide[ edit ] Episode 1 photo shoot: Indicates the contestant had the highest score that week. Splashing body paint Episode 9 photo shoot: Renee Bhagwandeen Like Nina, Renee gives this shot her flaws which was her large forehead and make it awesome.

This is one of her best shot same with Marvin I love how he shows his abs here. Mike Scocozza and Kanani Andaluz Mike gave what sexy man here which invites us for an action in bed.

The CW acknowledged the finale contained incorrect scoring graphics after being contacted about the discrepancy. Indicates the contestant was eliminated that week.

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Marvin Cortes I love this photo by Marvin it clearly shows more of his asset which is his abs plus a killer facial expression.

Don Benjamin and Chris Hernandez Their facial expression and touching the chest of Don by Chris is just genius it naturally gives off the shot of same sex marriage.

It could only have this photo ranks higher if not for Kanani not so good take on what sexy is. Jourdan Miller This is one of the best face shot of Jourdan an angelic face with matching a bit of her sexiness. Furthermore, while Tyra had announced that the fan vote would have no say in the final scores, they had been added into the final tally nevertheless.

Fri May 08, 3: Jourdan Miller Modelling in a nature theme inspired photo shoot, Jourdan nails this shot she was outstanding whether on runway or in a model shoot.

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During an exclusive statement, a representative of the network was quoted as saying: Rank 25 - 11 Freedom of speech allowed but 1. Guess campaign; Nylon magazine spreads Episode 16 photo shoot: Trailer park chic Episode 6 commercial: Last edited by hervievore on Sun Jan 12, 6: Leather outfits casting Episode 3 photo shoot: Questionable Body Spray gender role reversal Episode 7 photo shoot: In an article released by Reality TV World, it was revealed that there had been a glitch with the final scores during post-production, and that the actual scores for the finale were Alternative weddings Episode 4 photo shoot: Nail art beauty shots Episode 8 photo shoot: Flawsome with Zendaya and Shaun Ross Episode 12 photo shoot: Feral and wild in the jungle.

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