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This was the only recurring sketch lacking an appearance by Bynes though she introduces Kyle in a voiceover and the only character from any Amanda Show skit to also appear on All That.

Stranded — A parody of the hit reality TV series Survivor. Format[ edit ] In spite of being designed as a sketch comedy television program, the series is set in a fictional universe in which it is broadcast as a popular television comedy, as evidenced through staged mishaps involving members of the studio audience, as well as comedic sub-plots involving Amanda's unhealthily obsessed, nerdy, self-proclaimed "Number One Fan" Penelope Taynt, who constantly devises schemes to achieve her lifelong goal of meeting Amanda as a gag, Bynes herself portrays Penelope and the pair therefore could never be shown onscreen together.

Are Amanda Bynes and Elijah Kelley dating? Her catchphrase is a loud "Meh-heh! She has referred to herself as Amanda bynes drake bell dating. Moody gets through her life with the help of her best friend Brie played by Lauren Pettyher easily offended friend Misty Rains played by Molly Orrher friend Spalding played by Taran Killam who has a huge crush on Moody.

Recurring sketches[ edit ] Commercials — Episodes generally began with a parody advertisement for an absurd product.

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He and she inline skate testsieger dating this on their Facebook pages. His appearance also includes in the TV series Splash.

Cynthia Worthington — Cynthia Worthington played by Bynes is an aristocrat who was brought up by a very wealthy and civilized amanda bynes drake bell dating, who appears nice, but engages in increasingly revolting behavior.

The hosts are Amber, an egotistical girl who always makes sure to remind the audience that she is popular although this just may be in her own mind, as in one skit, a girl was asked what made Amber so popular, the girl responded that she did not know who Amber was; in another skit, Amber was not invited to the prom nor voted prom queenSheila, played by Raquel Lee in season 1 and Reagan Gomez-Preston for the remainder of the series an aggressive girl who disposes of unwelcome guests by giving them swirlies usually executing them in the middle stallTammy played by Jamie Snowan "exchange student" from Tennessee with an extremely thick Southern accent, and Debbie, an unintelligent girl who constantly states that she likes eggs in a dopey voice played by Jenna Morrisonand constantly annoys the others, especially Sheila.

Her father is Catholic and her mother is Jewish. TMZ reports that she'll be leaving rehab and heading to her parent's home before Christmas. He was arrested recently, on December 22, for driving under influence.

Amber has a rivalry with another, much more popular girl, Danielle Spencer, who always seems to one up Amber, but usually ends up getting a swirly from Sheila. Drake is reportedly earning just dollars per month and has expenses of 18 thousand dollars. Each Judge Trudy sketch typically involved two cases, and would end with Trudy saying, "Bring in the dancing lobsters!

Usually when something bad happens to them, someone in the family will say "What are the odds of that? For the interval of one year, from toDrake had an affair with Hofit Golan.

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Sketches ended with the attackers showing up in the studio. Zac Efron and Amanda Bynes have never dated. No, he is currently single.

The Lucklesses — A family that always experiences horrible luck, including being struck by lightning or getting money stolen. Oldman — An elderly widower played by Dan Schneider who hates children is a victim of constant crank calls from a curly-haired character named Amanda played by Bynestelling her that she has the wrong number.

Amanda Bynes was 18 and out of school in The caller then taunts them for this, after which Sharon or Toby cave, perform the dare, and say "I cannot believe I just did that! Between segments of an episode, Penelope is shown implementing a harebrained scheme to meet Amanda, often with the help of Drake BellJosh Peck here playing themselves or her brother Preston played by Taylor Emerson who always wants a sandwich.

They dated for three years before finally breaking up on the year InAmanda Bynes tweeted thatshe thought Zac Efron was ugly.

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The relationship ended on The segment is presented as a show-within-a-show, and focuses on Moody Fallon played by Bynesan emotionally exaggerated teen whose mother played by Maureen McCormick was lost in a "tragic hot air balloon accident" and whose odd father played by Carey Eidel struggles with losing a toe near the end of the series.

The actors also play themselves in subplots during each episode. The animation was done by Tom Megalis. Blockblister — A parody of the now-defunct video rental store chain Blockbuster.

Let me know if you think Amanda and Drake Bell should maybe hang out over the holidays, and of course, leave your best wishes for her below. The father is Josh Peck. Drake Bell dated Amanda Bynes from to These failed schemes include Penelope's attempts at outsmarting the fictional security guard of the studio where The Amanda Show is filmed and at manipulating Amanda's castmates into helping her carry out her plans.

The contestants, usually characters from other skits, are stranded in a strange location and were required to stay and deal with one other.

People almost always pronounce his name wrong, much to his annoyance.

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Drake Bell was in a relationship with Melissa Lingafelt at around Yes, I believe they did back when the filmed the movie She's the man I don't think it lasted long though.

Gullible — A substitute teacher played by John Kassir in Season 1 and by Andrew Hill Newman in Season 2 is tricked into increasingly absurd tasks by his students. Where can you get the gray sweater that Amanda Bynes wore on her date with the purple shirt in Sydney White?

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We have the video! Drake has also been involved in several controversies. Miss DeBoat — Janice DeBoat played by Nancy Sullivan is a teacher who becomes the target of other characters and has students with talents of which she disapprove.

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Whatever they feel, they seem to always overreact to it. The sketch involved customers trying to rent popular movies and instead ending up with ridiculous knock-off versions which were poorly acted out by the vaguely Eastern European family that owned the store. The Dancing Lobsters — Two overgrown lobsters occasionally appear in any setting to dance at the end of a skit, most notably Judge Trudy.

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Schneider had pitched an actual spin-off series called "Moody's Point" to Nickelodeon, but the series was not green-lit. He ends the segment by saying, "Totally! By the conflict of the skit, a group of thugs known as the Al Dente brothers come in to throw random items at the surroundings from the windows.

What grade is Amanda Bynes in?

Amanda Bynes dismisses speculation that she is currently dating rapper Drake.

Their catchphrase is "Not a problem". The puzzled guest replies "no", and then Amanda asks, "How about a plate of spaghetti? I don't know yet exactly what I believe". These sketches were discontinued beginning with episode In earlyBell filed for bankruptcy and his Los Feliz House, worth thousand dollars was taken in for foreclosure.

Dooper — A restaurant that serves disgusting food run by a man played by Johnny Kassir in Season 1 and by Dan Sachoff in Seasons 2 and 3 and his daughter Doreen played by Bynes.

Crazy Courtney — Courtney played by Bynes is a strange girl with large teeth, glasses, and a hat who speaks in incomplete sentences, who puts on ridiculous schemes in order to get the person to leave.

The sweater she wore was a Baltimore Ravens one, so search their merch and you should find it. His jaw was broken in three places and he lost seven teeth.

‘What’s going on, girl?’ Drake Bell reaches out to Amanda Bynes

Amanda's Jacuzzi — A talk show in which Amanda Bynes, in a jacuzzi asks a guest two normal questions about themselves, and then a ridiculous, nonsensical one.

What are Amanda Bynes' religious views? At the end of the last episode, the screen shows the words "To Be Continued", but The Amanda Show was cancelled shortly thereafter, ending Moody's Point with a cliffhanger.