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Metro stations are marked with a large blue "U" and buses and trams with an "H" Haltestelle.

Bus Bonn Berlin: Cheap coach tickets

For hourly parking you can find lay-bys simply requiring a "Parkscheibe" parking disk or parking spaces where you will find chit-dispensing machines for inserting coins.

For the zone 1b it is 90 minutes. For short trips there is the KurzstreckenTicket Short Trip Ticketwith which you can travel generally up to four stations independent of the city and community limits.

The map shows the multi-storey car parks in the city. Bonn Metro Most Important Stations Its most important station is Hauptbahnhof station, which is the main railway station, subway, train, bus and tram.

Mit Bus und Bahn

There are modalities for 1 and 3 days for the price of You can buy the resident sticker from the city traffic administration department in the Stadthaus City Hall.

The price levels conform, as requested by many customers, to the city and community limits - according to the principle: Regarding all tickets in the VRS: Opening hours and parking rates vary.

The journey takes about 30 minutes and the ticket price is 6. They can travel unlimited from Price level 1 CityTicket for inner-city trips divided into 1b for trips in Bonn or Cologne and 1a for trips in other cities and communitiesPrice level 2 CityPlusTicket for trips to a neighbouring city or community divided into 2b for trips to or from Cologne or Bonn and 2a for trips between all the other neighbouring cities and communitiesPrice level 3 and 4 RegioTicket for the regional transport and Price level 5 NetzTicket network ticket for unrestricted trips in the entire syndicated region and on individual lines in some cities and communities bordering the association area.

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For information about the residential areas requiring such a resident sticker and about the prices please contact - 77 Children under age 5 are free, even if the group is over 5 people.

To buy a ticket all you need to know is whether we will move only within the city or neighboring cities. For groups of two adults and up to four children at a price of Fares are metered unless you and the driver agree otherwise.

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In some areas you need a "resident sticker" Bewohner Parkausweis. When purchasing a ticket you only have to know whether you will stay in your city or community or whether you wish to travel to a neighbouring city or community or even further.

If there is more than one taxi ready for service, be sure you go to the driver of the first car waiting in line even if one further back would be more convenient for you and your luggage.

When paying yellow ticket machines, often on the ground floor and leaving the multi-storey car park, please take your parking ticket with you.

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The price levels are valid uniformly for the entire ticket range. The machine rolls out a slip of paper with the printed time on it for you to put on the dashboard of your car so that it is clearly visible to the traffic warden.

It opened on March 22, with the route between the stations HauptbahnhofHeussallee Stadtwerke and the Bonner Stadwerke opera, with a total length of 9 km.

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There are several possibilities for parking: Metro map of Bonn. It is valid on all buses, underground lines, trams and urban railways in the VRS.

The network of U-Bahn underground has got 12 stations and a single line. Frequency Every 10 minutes during the day and 20 to 30 minutes very early in the morning and evening.

StarterTicket – the Subscription for Apprentices and Trainees

The first class seats of the Deutsche Bahn AG German Railways AG as well as the airport bus line may only be used if you have paid an additional charge beforehand. Cycle paths are quite extensive and maps of bicycle routes in and around Bonn are available at bookshops.

It is not possible to pay the additional charge individually for single days! Lines 16 and This period depends on the tariff area acquired, and during it, you can interrupt the trip and if necessary change of transportation always flowing in the same direction.

The subway schedule is 4:

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